What is XPhone Connect?

The Unified Communications solution for your business communications.

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XPhone Connect is intuitive.

No unneccessary buttons, no tangled window chaos: look forward to a tool where the clear user guidance and clean interface mean you always know exactly what to do.

XPhone Connect is deeply integrated.

XPhone Connect interlinks with your key business applications: access all contacts via free-text search. And view the crucial information from ERP, CRM & Co. for each contact.


XPhone Connect is mobile.

With the Mobile App you always have all contact data and presence information at your fingertips on the road as well. And thanks to AnyDevice you can also set up conference calls or forward calls on the go or in the home office just as easily as in the office.

XPhone Connect is flexible.

XPhone Connect can be used with nearly all major PBXs. So you can profit from the latest communications technology - using your existing ICT infrastructure.

XPhone Connect is tailored exactly to your needs.

You can use XPhone Connect as a complete solution that offers you the entire Unified Communications spectrum. Or you can opt for individual modules that can be operated as stand-alone solutions.


Intuitive communication

Einfache Kommunikation mit XPhone Connect

Whether you are talking to a customer, scheduling a conference call with a business partner or interacting with a colleague via chat: communication is a key part of your working day.

So it is all the more crucial that communication is easy. In the clean interface of XPhone Connect, every conversation is just a click away and can be expanded as required with additional channels and people. Whether you want to set up a conference call or forward a conversation: the intuitive user guidance leaves no question unresolved. 

And thanks to the intelligent voicemail system, which is directly linked to your calendar, calls will never go unanswered again.


Uncompromising mobility

Grenzenlose Mobilität

You are often on the road. Just like your colleagues and your customers. For your communication this makes no difference at all. Thanks to AnyDevice you can control any phone with your Connect Client - whether in the home office or on a business trip.

With the Mobile App for iOS & Android you always have all contact information with you. Thanks to seamless chat you can liaise with your team on the go as well, while the Follow-Me function ensures every call reaches you no matter where you are. All completely automated.

And in every case: your call partner is always shown your office number – regardless of whether you are calling via AnyDevice or Mobile App (One-Number). And the Unified Journal also records all phone calls, missed calls, voicemails & chats on the go.


Efficient teamwork

Collaboration mit XPhone Connect

The first prequisite for good teamwork is a good team. But the further away the colleagues are, the more critical are the tools used to interact. 

Whether conference call, Screen-Sharing or group chat: all channels are available to you with XPhone Connect. Individually or combined. 

And thanks to presence management and Team-Panel, at any time you can see which of your colleagues are available by phone. Even if an employee is on the phone on the road or in their home office via AnyDevice.


Maximum integration

Tief integrierte Kommunikation

Communication is an important part of your work. And yet only one part. Equally important at least are your key business applications, such as the ERP or CRM system. 

XPhone Connect interlinks your communication with all the tools indispensable for your work. Contacts from all applications & databases are available company-wide in a flexible free-text search - both on the PC and mobile. 

Thanks to XPhone Connect AppLink callers are not only identified. In addition to each contact you will see exactly the information you need for your work - e.g. customer number, partner status or payment terms. 


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