XPhone Up2Date

Experience the communication technology of tomorrow – today!

Always use the latest UC innovations with XPhone Up2Date

Communication technology has never developed as rapidly as today. With XPhone Up2Date, the software update service from C4B, you are always up-to-date with the latest technology and always benefit from the latest UC innovations.

XPhone Up2Date can be purchased for up to 5 years. During the entire term you have the right to use all upgrades. So you are always using the latest XPhone version. And thus securing a subscription to state-of-the-art communication. 

  • Use all upgrades
  • Always use the latest software version
  • Ensure compatibility of the infrastructure
  • Budget & planning certainty
  • Fair & transparent: even with post-licensing, no automatic extension of the remaining time
  • Term: 1-5 years

Your Software Assurance – your profit

Always up to date

Hardly any industry is as innovation-driven as communication. WhatsApp & Co. have become indispensable everyday tools. At the same time, the demands your employees and your customers place on communication are increasing. We meet these demands. Today, tomorrow and the day after. 

Always compatible

Operating systems, applications, PBX and UC solutions form a complex mechanism. Through new versions and product updates, each of these individual cogs is permanently in motion. With XPhone Up2Date you have the assurance that the current versions of all common systems and interfaces are supported. Enabling the mechanism to continue running smoothly in the future.

Always on budget

With XPhone Up2Date, future-proof is more than just a catchphrase. You have your budget planning firmly under control. And the longer the Up2Date term you choose, the lower your annual investment.


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