CTI- and UC-Software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Communication is the key factor for successful Customer Relationship Management.
Link your business communication directly with your CRM system – and benefit from significantly leaner processes.


XPhone Connect integrates fully into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface and provides all telephony functions. One click is enough to start a call.

All CRM contacts are available via free text search in the XPhone Client and are identified directly upon incoming calls. Not only the name and company of the caller are displayed: you can automatically display any data from the CRM system or even have certain input masks started – exactly tailored to your needs. 

Do your employees regularly work in the field? With the Mobile App, you can access all CRM contacts on the go while they are protected on your server in compliance with data protection regulations. Incoming callers are also reliably identified on the smartphone. 

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Our services

  • making phone calls directly from Microsoft CRM
  • Caller ID using the CRM contact data – also in the Mobile App
  • opening CRM entry screens & transferring caller data
  • sending faxes directly from Microsoft CRM
  • mobile access to all CRM contact data
  • CRM appointments automatically control presence status
    (incl. forwarding calls & suitable voicemail greeting)
  • allocating voicemail, faxes & text messages directly to CRM contact data
  • An Dashboard with adaptive sample actions (contact mask open, call note, appointment, task, e-mail, fax, letter) is already included in the delivery of XPhone Connect. The scope of the dashboard templates depends on the CRM version you are using.

More value for you

  • no complex searches for data sets
  • no mistyping phone numbers & addresses
  • requisite applications are opened automatically
  • Data is transferred automatically

Supported versions

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 

    In the Dashboard Designer, ready-made Dashboard templates are available for a variety of CRM versions. Through these dashboards, CRM actions (e.g., open contact masks, call notes, appointments, tasks, e-mail, fax, letter) can be made available directly when an incoming call is received. The scope of the dashboard templates depends on the CRM version you are using.

    Microsoft Dynamics-Integration in XPhone Connect

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