Unified Communications as a service

UCaaS solutions for service-providers & network operators


Corporate communication has undergone significant change. This development is driven by new applications, a wide variety of communication channels, an increased use of mobile end devices, and a networked and globalised world. Companies require new tools enabling seamless communication and improved collaboration. Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) stands for the integration of communication in existing business processes and the respective company software used.

By including XPhone in your portfolio, you always offer your customers the right solution!

UCaaS Solutions for Service Provider & Carrier

Extend your portfolio

The cross-platform solution for all of your customers with a wide range of services.

XPhone Connect Computer Telephony (CTI)


XPhone Connect Softphone


XPhone Connect AnyDevice


Integration of mobile devices


Presence management


XPhone Connect Team-Panel


Integration of address books, directory services and databases

Contact data integration

XPhone Connect Dashboard

Integration of Applications

Multi user chat

Multi-User Chat

Conference calls


Screen sharing & collaboration

screen Sharing

XPhone Connect Web Meeting

Web Meeting

XPhone Connect TeamDesk

Hotline management

Analysis & reports


XPhone Connect Federation


XPhone Connect Appointments


XPhone Connect Unified Journal

Unified Journal



Call processing & automated recorded messages

Auto Attendant

Sending and receiving faxes

Fax & SMS


The right offer for any customer

What should your business model look like? Do you wish to sell or lease the XPhone software or offer it as a service from the cloud?
XPhone offers you a wide variety of options:


For your customers who wish to use communication services entirely from the cloud without having any special infrastructure expertise or an obligation to host them.


For your customers wishing to use professional communication services but commissioning you as a service-provider to operate the infrastructure.

On Premise

For your customers who need to retain full control of their own communications infrastructure as well as host it themselves


Clear advantages for service-providers


Flexible solution

With XPhone, you can offer your customers entirely individual solutions. The XPhone software can be connected to practically any telco system and integrated in numerous business applications. You can offer your customers a comprehensive UC solution, which even works across locations and PBX systems, or modular extension of existing systems.

Low operating costs

One key criterion when selecting a software-as-a-service platform is represented by low operating costs (TCO). You are on the safe side with XPhone. The simplicity distinguishing XPhone Connect is also the basic principle for administration: via the intuitive, web-based administration interface, the system can be installed in no time and then easily and swiftly configured.

Competitive advantages

Competition is tough on the ICT market.
A cross-platform UC solution which you can market independent of the investment cycle for existing telco or IT infrastructure gives you access to any customer without being subject to competition and a price war, thereby offering you the necessary advantages over your competitors.


Market-leading software

The choice of software plays a decisive role when it comes to the success of your business. The XPhone platform means you rely on market-leading standard software which requires no programming and which can be used for any customer. More than 1 million licences sold and thousands of satisfied customers speak a very clear language.

All companies

Whether for a small, medium-sized or large company, XPhone enables you to supply each customer with an individual communication solution based on a standardised UC platform. The software is multilingual which means you can even supply international customers with complex and heterogeneous infrastructures.

Basic licence model

Only the services and number of users are licenced which are actually required. The software can be used as a comprehensive UC system or for individual areas (CTI, fax, voicemail etc.).


Benefits for your customers


Improved communication

XPhone makes it possible to integrate all communication channels in applications and corporate processes, thereby improving communication.

Secure investment

Existing ICT infrastructures can be extended to include additional communication services in order to improve the added value of existing systems.

Low infrastructure complexity

All communication channels run centrally on a single server which can also be managed centrally.


Standardised UC solution

A standardised UC solution which can be used across several locations even if a different PBX system is available at each location

Scalable solutions

Scalable platform which can continue to be used even when subject to strong growth

Fast ROI

XPhone is easy to operate and manage, and can be up and running company-wide in only a short time. More efficient communication saves time and streamlines processes within the company.


Architecture and networking

Cross-platform, scalable and very innovative

XPhone Unified Communications solutions can be seamlessly integrated in existing IT landscapes and support all recognised ISDN- and IP-based telephone systems.
Installation and connection is fast and easy. XPhone links various TC systems or locations to form a uniform communication solution for the entire company. XPhone solutions can be virtualised and used in terminal-server as well as in 32- and 64-Bit environments. Open interfaces permit seamless integration in existing ICT infrastructures as well as cross-platform application which is independent of individual manufacturers.

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