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Communication seamlessly integrated


Whether you are calling a supplier, sending an order confirmation, coordinating with colleagues or doing customer service: communication is a key component of almost every business process.

Conversely, this means: if you optimise your communication, you can also sustainably streamline your processes!

With XPhone you integrate communication deep into your application landscape. Employees can make a call or send an email or fax directly from SAP, Microsoft Dynamics & Co. All contacts can be conveniently browsed via free-text search. 

Incoming callers are not only identified. Via the Dashboard, all relevant information can be displayed for each contact stored in the applications: whether the invoice address, partner status or payment terms.

Software integration

Missing something?


Using a software we haven't listed?  No problem. All XPhone solutions come with standard interfaces that can be connected to a range of applications.  Just ask your IT partner:


You’re a software vendor and feel your solutions would also profit from expansion with communication modules like computer telephony (CTI)? Then get to know our technology partner programme!


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