Intelligent voicemail for perfect service

Presence-controlled | Phone number-controlled | Time-controlled

Ensure optimum availability for yourself and above all for your customers - company-wide & fully automated. 
Professional greetings are provided centrally and automatically activated as soon as an employee is in a meeting or out of the office. 

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Always active for you - completely automatically

Do you want your callers to feel they are in good hands even when you are not available? With the intelligent voicemail system from XPhone Connect, calls will never go unanswered again. And it's all completely automated. Your voicemail is directly linked to your calendar and your presence status and is thus activated automatically e.g. when you are in a meeting.

Want to provide your callers with maximum service? Then let them know directly via voicemail when you will be available again. Also completely automatically.

Naturally you can also activate your voicemail manually: in the footer of your Connect Client you can set up call forwarding to the mailbox in seconds. 

At your desk but don't have time to take a call? No problem. You can redirect the caller directly to your voicemail from the popup with which incoming calls are signalled.


Listen to voicemails: in the Client, via App, in Outlook & Notes

For you to be able to react quickly to new voicemails, flexible access to their messages is crucial. Thanks to the integrated voicemail player you can listen to messages directly in the XPhone Connect Client. 

Are you on a business trip or on your way to the office? Then you can listen to your messages conveniently via the Mobile App. In addition to signalling by your XPhone Connect Client, you can also be informed about new messages by email or text. Of course, you can also send the voicemail yourself by email.

XPhone Connect: redirect to voicemail


Thanks to automatic syncing with your Outlook or Notes calendar, the voicemail system not only knows your holidays, but also public holidays, company holiday periods and times of the day: so your callers are always greeted exactly the right way. Voicemail greetings can be controlled centrally and activated simultaneously at all workplaces.

Phone number-controlled

You have an international customer base? Then your voicemails should be multilingual too. XPhone Connect recognises your caller's country code - and welcomes them accordingly with the appropriate greeting. So you are always well positioned internationally too.

Professional greetings

A voicemail can also be a business card. Use it. XPhone Connect provides you with studio-quality greetings modules for the most important greetings variations. Depending on permissions, employees can record their own greetings via telephone or web recorder or upload them. You can also make use of spoken modules of the Auto Attendant.


Automatic greetings - completely individual

XPhone Connect Voicemail: configure automatic call forwarding

Simply forget about your voicemail!  With XPhone Connect your voicemail box is activated automatically - at the right time for the right callers. You determine when and who that is. Thus you can define e.g. that external callers are routed to voicemail when you are in a meeting. If the same customer calls while you are out of the office, set up a redirect to your colleague instead. 

Voicemail can be set up flexibly via various configuration modules: with or without an option to leave a message, forwarding to a representative, including announcements about the expected time of return and much more.


  • Presence, phone number & time-controlled greetings
  • Integrated voicemail player
  • Voicemail as email with WAV attachment
  • Voicemail via Mobile App
  • Mailbox LED on the phone (MWI)
  • Professional greeting modules
  • Greetings recording via telephone & web recorder
  • Greetings upload & download
  • Company-wide special greetings
  • Automatic activation for all employees
  • Voice menu with DTMF control 
    (remote access, delete, connect to caller etc.)
  • Access protection via PIN code
  • Direct dial-in through number recognition




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