Maximum overview for the right connection

Always know who is available - with the XPhone Connect Team-Panel

XPhone Connect Team-Panel: intelligentes Anrufer-Management

What is the Team-Panel?

The XPhone Connect Team-Panel provides you with a maximum overview of the presence and availability of entire teams and departments. You can connect calls, pick up calls or initiate calls, conference calls and chats directly via the Team-Panel. 

Thanks to the flexible search function, the contact being searched is available in seconds even in large companies: if a caller wants e.g. to speak to someone in Sales, simply enter "Sales" in the search field - immediately all colleagues from this department are displayed. 

Whether project team or department: the groups can be created by the users themselves or centrally defined by the administrator. The telephony and switchboard functions are available across locations and without linking the telephone systems in a network. 

All these functions are always at your fingertips: mousing over a discreet tab you can flexibly position at the top of your screen is enough to fold down the panel. 

All functions at a glance

  • Overview of the presence and telephony status of different teams and departments - depending on size, right up to the whole company
  • Flexible search function (e.g. by last name, first name, department)
  • Initiate calls, conference calls & chats directly from the Team-Panel
  • Pick up calls directly via Team-Panel
  • With a double click connect callers with a specific person or go into consultation
  • Swap hold calls or set up conference calls
  • Display the telephony status of colleagues on a call via AnyDevice e.g. on the road or in the home office
  • Groups can be set up both locally by the user and centrally by the admin.
  • Set up of cross-location groups
  • Across PBXs: the Team-Panel can also be used if several PBXs from different manufacturers that are not linked together in a network are in use.
  • Each user can individually define which colleagues can e.g. view telephony status information & pick up calls.
  • Ideal tool for switchboard workers, secretaries or team assistants

Beyond the office

Your current project team is spread not only across different offices or floors, but across multiple locations?  No problem: create a tab with your team - simply by drag & drop. Then you can always see directly which of your colleagues is currently available. The alert function allows you to leave your colleagues additional important information, e.g. that you will be out of the office from noon.

Speaking of out of the office: thanks to the AnyDevice function you can also see the telephony status of employees working in their home office or on the road. For optimal teamwork - no matter where your colleagues are. 

Always to hand

Outlook, browser & Windows Explorer - no matter how many program windows you have opened: you never have to look for the Team-Panel. Via a discreet tab on the top edge of the screen you fold the panel down with a simple mouse-over. You can flexibly position the tab itself.

You work so intensively with the Team-Panel that you always want to keep the overview in the foreground? Also not a problem. With a click you can pin the Team-Panel in place. All other program windows adapt automatically.


Targeted call management

An important customer  calls. To answer his question you need a colleague from Marketing. With the Team-Panel you can see who is available by phone - and can either put the caller through directly, set up a conference call or go into consultation. 

There are no limits to your overview: you can map different departments, locations or teams via different tabs. The information on the telephony status and presence are summarised in a clear overview: all it takes is a single glance to find an available contact.

Permissions clearly defined

The Team-Panel provides a range of information and functions. The display of the telephony status & the team alert, for example, or the possibility of adjusting the presence status of colleagues or picking up incoming calls. You determine which of your colleagues can see this information and e.g. who has the right to pick up your calls. 

The status you assign to your colleagues (e.g. assistant, team colleague or employee) allows you to control exactly who has access to which information and functions. You can easily adjust the status in the Team-Panel as well as in the Client.


Flexible search functions

Using the integrated search function you can search for contacts across all tabs or also individual tabs - e.g. by first name, surname or department. Of course here you can not only see the presence information but also access various other functions:

  • Initiate calls, conference calls & chats
  • Open contact cards
  • With appropriate permissions: adjust presence status & forwarding of colleagues

Centrally administrated

Whether new hires or changes of department: in large companies in particular there is always a certain fluctuation. The groups displayed in the Team-Panel can be created, rolled out and maintained centrally by the administrator. This ensures all employees are always up-to-date. 

The Team-Panel itself is integrated into the Connect Client: no additional installation is required. And who is allowed to use the panel can also be defined easily via the admin interface.




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