Computer telephony: intuitive, easy, convenient

With XPhone Connect you control all conversations with your PC

Forget your phone. Whether you want to start or end a call, forward it or pick it up from a colleague. All it takes is a single click. What else you can forget: an instruction manual. Because thanks to the clean buttons and the intuitive user guidance, you always know exactly what to do. 

Computer Telefonie mit XPhone Connect

The little things are often the biggest time consumers. For example, if you want to call a business partner and first have to find his phone number and then laboriously type it in. The search costs time and the inevitable numbers the wrong way round cost nerves.

With computer telephony (CTI) you save both: time and nerves. You control your phone entirely with your PC. No matter if you want to accept, make or foward a call: all it takes is a click. You can pick up calls from colleagues or set up call forwarding just as easily. 

CTI functions at a glance

  • Dial, accept, hang up, reject, connect, forward
  • Consultation, swap hold, conference call
  • Pick up calls from colleagues 
  • Swap hold then transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Configure call forwarding
  • Phone numbers as favourites
  • Keypad with DTMF support

Caller popup

All options on the 1st ring

On the 1st ring the caller popup shows you who is waiting at the other end. With a click you accept the call. Don't want to be disturbed just now? Then you can reject the call just as easily or forward it to voicemail. 

Perhaps a colleague is the appropriate person to speak to? Then simply find the relevant contact and forward the call directly to the right addressee.

XPhone Connect CTI: caller popup with redirect options
XPhone Connect CTI: Consultation


All contacts in quick access

While speaking to a customer a question arises that only your colleague can answer. You want to answer the question, but of course, to bother the customer as little as possible. 

No problem. With a click on the "Consultation" icon the search window opens: here you can access any internal & external contact. With your colleagues, you can see directly via the presence status whether they can take a call. This means no call attempt is in vain and your customer does not have to wait unnecessarily.


Transfer call

Buttons that leave no question unanswered

The XPhone Connect user guidance is designed so you always know exactly what to do. In the clean interface only the controls are displayed that you actually need. 

An example: you want to connect a caller to a colleague. The caller is waiting on the line and you have the choice: do you want to set up a conference call? Transfer the call? Or speak to the caller again because you have already received the information you need from your colleague? All it takes is a click - and thanks to the talking buttons you know exactly where.

XPhone Connect CTI: Transfer Call
XPhone Connect CTI: Pickup Call

Pick up a call

Pick up calls quickly & easily

The phone on the next desk rings and your colleague is still in a meeting? No problem. With a click on the "Pick up call" icon you take the call. The caller popup is now displayed on your desktop and you can answer the call or, if necessary, forward it to voicemail or a third colleague. 

You decide who can pick up your calls: you can assign the appropriate permissions to your colleagues directly in the Client.



You can make calls from practically any application using the hotkey function. Simply highlight the desired phone number and enter the pre-defined key combination (hotkey). Your Client starts the call straight away. 

You can also directly activate phone numbers on websites: if the numbers are hyperlinked, all it takes is a click. If not, you can just use the hotkey. 

Seamlessly integrated

XPhone integrates seamlessly into your key business applications: so you can start calls directly from Microsoft Outlook or HCL Notes as well as from your ERP or CRM system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce etc.). 

Integration in Microsoft Outlook



Mobile App






















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