Clearly structured presence - targeted communication

Unsuccessful call attempts not only cost time and nerves. They could also lose a customer or an important order. 
XPhone Connect’s presence management not only automatically syncs with your calendar. It is also coupled to the intelligent voicemail system, thus ensuring your ideal availability. At the same time you always have the maximum overview of the availability of your colleagues. Mobile included.

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Your contact list

Presence & availability always in view

Want to connect an important customer? Or do you need a quick response from the sales team? With XPhone Connect's clearly structured presence management you can see at a glance which of your colleagues are available, who is in a meeting, who is on the phone or has enabled call forwarding.

Automatic syncing with your calendar means your status is always up-to-date. Forwarding to a colleague or to the mailbox is also set without your intervention according to your presence status.

Of course you can also adjust your status manually - even on the go via Mobile App from your smartphone.

XPhone Connect: straightforward presence management
XPhone Connect Präsenzmanagement: Outlook-Integration

Outlook & Notes

Automatic calendar syncing

The key success factor for a functioning and company-wide presence system is: simplicity. Thanks to automatic syncing with your Outlook or Notes calendar the presence status of you and your colleagues is always up-to-date. 

The presence status is displayed not only in the XPhone Client but also in connected applications such as Microsoft Outlook, HCL Notes, CRM or SharePoint.


With a click

Manually control the presence status

You can of course control your presence status completely automatically. XPhone Connect syncs directly with your calendar and knows when you are in a meeting or on holiday. 

But not every appointment is in the calendar. You sit down spontaneously for a meeting? With a click you have adjusted your status – and, at the same time, set your call forwarding. In addition, you can leave your colleagues a note and e.g. indicate that important customers can be put through.

XPhone Connect presence managament: manually adjust your status
XPhone Connect Mobile App: contact list with presence status

Always in the picture on mobile too

Flexibly adjust presence status via the app

Your flight is delayed and after a meeting with a customer you'll be back in the office later than planned? With the XPhone Connect Mobile App you can easily adjust your presence status on the go. Then your colleagues will know directly when they can expect you back. 

At the same time you can set up or change call forwarding. This ensures that, during your absence, all calls are forwarded to a colleague, your voicemail or - via Follow-Me - directly to your mobile phone.

Of course, at the same time you have the status of your colleagues in view via the app - and know who is available for you if needed.


Maximum overview

Presence & availability of all colleagues in view

Via the Team-Panel you have the availability of entire departments in view, right up to the whole company. Presence and telephony status are presented together in a clear overview and you can directly recognise which of your colleagues is available to you.

XPhone Connect Team-Panel: always keep the current

Better availability

Set up call forwarding for colleagues

Your colleague's meeting is taking longer than planned? Someone from your team has called in sick? No problem. You can both adjust the presence status for your colleague as well as set up new call fowarding. 

The only prerequisite: the relevant employee has assigned you the permissions in advance. Both – the adjustment of the status and the assignment of permissions – are done in seconds.

XPhone Connect presence management: change status for colleagues
XPhone Connect presence management: adjust presence settings

Automatic call forwarding

No call goes unanswered

Your presence status is not only an important piece of information for your colleagues. At the same time it controls your call forwarding – ensuring your calls never go unanswered. 

The presence system can, for example, be configured such that different call forwarding arrangements are set up depending on the situation. Thus e.g. during a meeting your voicemail is automatically activated. But as soon as you are on holiday or out of the office, external calls are forwarded to the team hotline.

Depending on the configuration of the XPhone Server you can set up your profile templates directly in the XPhone Client and manage your call forwarding flexibly and easily.




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