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You need an answer from a colleague. And you need it immediately. The quickest way to achieve that is: a chat message. Not only is the chat displayed to your colleague directly on the screen as a popup. Your correspondent can also reply immediately in the chat popup.

You realise another colleague is needed to clarify the issue? With a click you can expand the conversation by adding additional participants. You can converse on the go equally conveniently: with the XPhone Connect Mobile App, chats you have started on your computer can be seamlessly continued on your smartphone.

Whether on the computer or mobile: no information is lost. All chats are saved in the journal. So later you can still access important information or links your colleague sent you via instant messaging.

And your data is always in good hands: unlike WhatsApp & Co., the chat does not take place in the cloud but always in the secure environment of the XPhone Connect Server.



Group chat

Fast coordination in the team

You and your colleagues work in a team - but not in one office? Then instant messaging is the ideal means to quickly and easily coordinate in the group. You can start a conversation directly as a group chat or flexibly add additional participants to a 1:1 chat.

Speaking of flexibility: naturally the group chat can be expanded at any time to include a Conference Call or Screen-Sharing.

XPhone Connect multi user chat
XPhone Connect Chat-Popup

Chat popup

Never miss a message

The key thing about a chat message is that it is immediately available to your correspondent. New chats are therefore signalled with a popup, where you can directly type in your answer if required. Interaction could hardly be easier & quicker. 

Of course, you are also reliably informed of new chats via mobile: a push notification is displayed as soon as a new message is received.


Mobile App

Seamlessly continue chats on the go

Your work doesn’t stop at the office door? With the XPhone Connect Mobile App you can also interact on the go via chat. You can seamlessly continue chats started in the office on your smartphone.

Of course, you also have access to the chat journal in the app. And a push notification reliably informs you about new incoming messages. 

XPhone Connect CTI: Gespräch übergeben
XPhone Connect Chat Journal

Chat Journal

Everything in view

Your colleague sent you an important link via chat last week? No problem. All chats are saved in the journal

Thanks to the search function you can search all conversations e.g. by correspondent or department. And, if required, continue the chat directly from the journal. 

Of course, all chats you've had via the Mobile App are saved here too.


Message status

See who is replying

A conversation where everyone is talking at once is not very effective. The same is true for a chat. Thanks to the "is typing" function you can see when your chat partner is entering a message. 

The group chat also shows which chat participants are currently typing in the message window.

XPhone Connect CTI: Gespräch übergeben



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