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Competent consulting and professional implementation


ERP and CRM systems, e-mail, telephones and smartphones are firm fixtures in any office. The better these systems interact and are co-ordinated to the business processes, the more efficient your everyday office tasks will be. But each company works and communicates differently with the result that “one size fits all” is not applicable here. XPhone is a standard solution which can be perfectly integrated in your applications and business processes. Our Professional Services support you and your ICT system partner in optimising your communication and sustainably streamlining your business processes.


Analysis and consulting

Communication is complex, individual and business-critical. Within the framework of a Professional Service workshop, we analyse the IT and communication infrastructure in your company and show you how to design processes more efficiently by cleverly integrating IT and communication. Together, we will compile your requirements on a communication solution in a list of specifications. It goes without saying that all of the possible risks and challenges will be taken into consideration with the result that you ultimately avail of a realistic concept tailored to your company.

  • Corporate processes
  • Communication processes
  • Communication channels
  • Applications and services
  • Data bases
  • Server infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure


You can also rely on the expertise of the Professional Service when implementing your project. We support you and your ICT partner in implementing your tailored communication solution. You can choose between several variants: we offer our service on site or as a remote service. Implementation is possible by a C4B technician or your ICT system partner provides the service with support by C4B. Decide with your ICT system partner which variant is best for you.

  • Create business case
  • (Re)definition of the processes
  • Adjustments to server and network infrastructure
  • Implementation of applications
  • Realise access to data bases
  • Test phase and fine-tuning

Operation and maintenance

Each Professional Service project is followed by acceptance by the customer. This stage also marks commencement of new ways of working. Systems must be put into practice if the investment is to pay off It is decisive therefore that employees are trained wand adopt an intuitive approach to the new working methods. Take advantage of our range of training courses.

Even during on-going operations, you can rely on the Professional Service at any time in order to ensure continued optimisation and adaptation of your XPhone system. Your communication solution grows along with your ICT infrastructure.

  • Acceptance
  • Training administrators and users
  • System management & maintenance
  • On-going process optimisation

Book Professional Service

Do you wish to avail of the Professional Service? Please contact your ICT system partner to request a quote. If you do not have a suitable partner, please use the C4B Partner Finder to find qualified C4B partners nearby who will be happy to help you.


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