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Even if your data is stored in the cloud – with XPhone Unified Communications, all contact data is available for each individual communication process. Incoming calls are not only directly identified, the exact data required by your employees is also shown – even before they actually pick up the receiver. Thanks to seamless integration, various Salesforce activities can be started directly from XPhone, e.g. setting up a new sales opportunity or lead. 

Your employees can also access all Salesforce data on the move, while it is stored on your server securely and above all in compliance with data protection regulations. At the same time, Salesforce contacts are reliably identified on the smartphone.

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Our services

  • Automatic identification of all Salesforce contacts
  • Swift access to data without complicated replication
  • Caller ID on the basis of Salesforce data sets: In addition to name and company, you can use the XPhone Dashboard to display any data that you have stored for a contact in Salesforce.
  • Making phone calls directly from Salesforce
  • Starting Salesforce activity from XPhone
  • You can start new Salesforce activities directly from the XPhone client: The caller data is automatically transferred.
  • Mobile access to all contact data - including caller identification
  • An AppLink Dashboard with adaptive sample actions (open contact mask, account opening, call note, opportunity, customer process, task, event, e-mail) is already included in the delivery of XPhone Connect.

More value for you

  • No cumbersome typing of phone numbers and addresses
  • Show contacts, leads and accounts in the XPhone Client
  • Flexible free text search - also via mobile app 
  • Reliable caller identification
  • Tailor-made dashboards for every department
  • Applications can be opened automatically
  • Caller data is transferred automatically

Supported versions

    Salesforce integration in XPhone Connect

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