XPhone App: your mobile communication centre

Your office is everywhere? On the train? At the airport or in the hotel? Then you need a tool just as flexible as you are: 
the XPhone Connect Mobile App for iOS & Android.

XPhone Connect App:  Ihre Kommunikationszentrale
XPhone Connect Mobile App: Dialpad

Maximum mobility


The difference is that you won't notice any difference. Whether you are sitting at your desk or on your way to a customer: with the XPhone Connect Mobile App you can communicate on the go just as easily as in the office. You have access to all contact data, can coordinate with your colleagues via chat and have your entire call journal in view.

Adjust your presence status or set up call forwarding to your voicemail, a colleague or your home office number. With the activation of Follow-Me, all calls are automatically redirected to your mobile phone. So it is always completely in your hands when and how you want to be reached. 

Thanks to the One Number function you can also make mobile calls via your office number. This means no costs are incurred and your call partner only sees your company's telephone number. Communication concepts such as BYOD ("Bring your own device") can thus be implemented quickly and easily.


All contacts at hand


You are on the road and want to call a contact from your SAP? Or need a customer address from your CRM system? With the Mobile App you can also access all databases on the go that are connected to XPhone Connect: no matter whether ERP or CRM system, local Outlook folder or cloud service. 

Meanwhile, the contacts are stored on your server in compliance with data protection regulations at all times: And thus not only protected against theft, but also against access by data-hungry apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook & Co. 

Especially when you are on the road, information about the availability of your team can be of crucial importance. Through the presence status you can see which of your colleagues is available at any time - and can provide you with the data you need for your presentation at the customer via chat or a call.

XPhone Connect Mobile App: Kontaktliste
XPhone Connect Mobile App: Chat

Mobile chat


Too loud to make a call on the train? You have a consultation with a colleague during a customer meeting? A colleague would like to send you an important link? 

On the road too, there are many reasons to communicate via chat. In the Mobile App you can not only chat with your colleagues. You can also send pictures, access your chat journal and continue chats you have started in the office seamlessly on your smartphone (persistent chat).

So you don't miss any messages while on the go either, new chat messages are displayed to you as push notifications.


Everything in view


Calls you've had, missed calls, voicemails or faxes: in your call journal you have all the conversations of the past in view - and can flexibly search through all entries by name, company or telephone number.

Via the journal you can also listen to your voicemails or view received and sent faxes. All calls that you make via callback are also documented here - and will be available later in your Windows client.

XPhone Connect Mobile App: Chat
XPhone Connect Mobile App: Meeting-Einwahl

Mobile Meeting Dial-in


In the mobile app you will find an exact listing of your meetings - clearly divided into active & planned as well as closed meetings. 

You are on the road and want to dial into a meeting? Nothing easier than that: With a short swipe to the left the dial-in button appears. Thanks to the convenient authentication, you are directly dialed in - without a PIN.


Free download


You can download the XPhone Connect Mobile App for free on the App Store and Play Store. Authentication is easy thanks to the QR code:

  1. Start your mobile client.
  2. Select "Configuration via QR Code".
  3. Open the configuration in your Windows client.
  4. Scan the QR code under "Mobile Client" with your smartphone's camera.
XPhone Connect Mobile App im Apple iTunes Store
XPhone Connect Mobile App im Playstore



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