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Who are we?

We are communication enthusiasts. And tireless solution-seekers. Meanwhile C4B has been synonymous with quality and innovation made in Germany for more than 20 years. With our team of around 50 employees we develop and market "XPhone", a Unified Communications solution of which more than a million installed licences in companies of all sizes and industries are in use.

What drives us

Two ideas drive us:

  • Good communication is the basis for the success of a company.
  • Good communication must be simple.

Why? Because good communication is indispensable for practically every company – whether it produces screws or develops rocket technology. Because day in day out, tens of millions of phone calls, emails, chats and conferences decide the fate of major projects and orders.  Because every interaction within the company can be the spark for the next great idea.

Our goal

Our goal is that no barrier disrupts our customers' communication: neither technical, nor geographic, nor time-related. With a software that needs no explanation. That works independently of device, location & infrastructure. And integrates seamlessly into your IT landscape.

Our strength

Our strength is integration. IT infrastructures are growing, the amount of data is increasing, processes are becoming more complex. We respond to this development with a clearly structured, intuitive solution, which thanks to open interfaces smoothly integrates into the most diverse applications and supports all major PBXs.

  • Contacts-App for Microsoft Teams

    C4B is going new ways. In addition to its UC complete solution XPhone, the communications specialist now has a native app for Microsoft Teams in its portfolio. With "Contacts by XPhone", C4B is capitalising on its core competence: the integration of third-party applications for contact search and caller ID in Microsoft Teams.

  • New Micro Release: Release Mitel MiVoice 5000

    Our latest micro release is online. With this release we are releasing XPhone for the Mitel MiVoice 5000. And we are creating a whole new Release Notes category: the tweak.

  • New functions for TeamDesk & Team-Panel

    Our latest micro release is online: Among other things, we have TeamDesk hotkeys for you. Important: If available, the XCC satellite must be replaced for the update.


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