CTI- and UC-Software for SAP


SAP is more than an application: in many companies, the ERP software represents the heartpiece of the IT landscape. Making maximum integration of SAP all the more important.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables you to link SAP with all communication channels – whether phone, fax or e-mail. With XPhone Connect, all relevant SAP data on the caller, e.g. supply data or partner status, can be shown directly for each call. And SAP screens can be started automatically and caller data transferred to SAP applications. Your benefit: Your processes are streamlined over the long term.

Via Mobile App, your employees can access all SAP contacts on the move. The data itself is always stored on your server in compliance with the GDPR and protected against theft. 

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Our services

  • automatic identification of all SAP contacts
    (taking consideration of access authorisations)
  • automatic caller ID
  • making phone calls from SAP (hot key & SAPphone)
  • Sending and receiving faxes directly from SAP
  • Calls: All relevant SAP data is displayed.
  • Calls: Predefined SAP applications are started.
  • Automatic transfer of caller data – both into SAP applications and into various documents (order confirmations, letters etc.)
  • mobile access to all contact data

More value for you

  • no complex searches for data sets
  • no mistyping phone numbers and addresses
  • requisite applications are opened automatically
  • Data is transferred automatically

Supported versions

  • SAP R3
XPhone Connect Dashboard

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