Our softphone for your headset

Picking up the phone was yesterday!
With the XPhone Connect Softphone, all you need is a PC, Internet & headset to enjoy the complete convenience of your UC solution wherever you go.
You decide which headset should adorn your head: Our Softphone is compatible with numerous models from all well-known manufacturers.

You can use XPhone Connect Softphone with a variety of headsets. 

Under the following links you will find a list of devices that we have extensively tested and approved.

With each of these headsets the voice transmission works perfectly. You can also find information on whether functions such as accept/hang up, mute etc. can be controlled directly on the headset by clicking on the link of the respective manufacturer.

All tests were carried out on the basis of Windows 10.

However, headsets used in older Windows environments or those not listed here may also be fully functional. If required, our sales partners will be happy to provide you with test licences.

XPhone Connect Softphone

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