Softphone: Make calls anywhere – without a phone

Make XPhone Connect a full-fledged phone. HD audio quality.

XPhone Connect Softphone

Retire your phone! 

With the XPhone Connect Softphone, you only need a PC, headset & Internet to enjoy the full convenience of modern communication everywhere. All telephony functions are also available without a hardware phone - in HD audio.

Your benefit? More flexibility and lower costs.

Whether in the office, in the home office or in the Bahamas: With the softphone it doesn't matter where you work. You can always be reached under one number. And your call partner will only see your office number.

Speaking of the Bahamas: Thanks to softphone, you can also reach for the phone or headset when travelling abroad, instead of writing long e-mails. Your telephone costs at home and abroadare are reduced to the Internet connection. 

New times are also dawning in the office with the softphone.

For example, with modern office concepts such as "flexible seating": With the XPhone Connect Softphone, every employee always has its own extension - regardless of which desk he sets up his tent or laptop at. And thanks to softphone, employees can easily share a workstation without having to share the phone. 

Quick changes. Made easy. 

The XPhone Connect Softphone can be used with almost any device. No matter whether the connection is via USB, Bluetooth or jack. You can change the devices fluently during the telephone call - for example from the headset to a loudspeaker to let your colleagues take part in the call. You can conveniently select the desired device in the footer of your client.

Highest call quality thanks to state-of-the-art codecs.

XPhone Connect Softphone lets you make HD quality calls. All parameters that determine your call quality can be viewed at any time via a straightforward traffic light system if required. 

Also fully operational in terminal server environments.

Do you rely on a terminal server environment? XPhone Connect is still the right choice for you. The XPhone Connect Softphone is fully operational in both terminal server and virtualised environments.

XPhone Connect Softphone

"A great asset in every respect"

The softphone in the real world: Tirolia Spedition

Michael Lukasser, Tirolia-Geschäftsführer

Tirolia Spedition, service provider for Europe-wide truck transports, has already put the XPhone Connect Softphone through its paces in live use before its official release. Tirolia employees access a terminal server via All in One Client. "We have been looking for a softphone that is compatible with our infrastructure for a long time," explains Tirolia Managing Director Michael Lukasser. 

For Lukasser the advantages are obvious: "We save costs in the area of telephony hardware and above all we benefit from total flexibility in our operational processes."

"Every employee can literally work from anywhere. He always has access to all contacts, all data and all functions. For the customer it makes no difference at all whether the employee is on site at our premises or, for example, in the home office"

Conclusion: "Less costs, more flexibility, better service: XPhone is a great asset to us in every respect".

Funktionen im Überblick

  • Call | Reject | End
  • Forward | Consultation | Hold
  • DTMF dialing
  • muting
  • Click2dial 
  • hotkey
  • Option to play ringtone via busylight
  • Follow-Me
  • Smooth switching of devices
  • Advanced settings for the occupied line: knocking, rejecting, voicemail etc.
  • "Test call" function to check sound quality & functionality of the hardware

Terminal Server & Virtualisation

  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • IGEL





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