Very good on their own. Unbeatable together.

XPhone Connect & Microsoft Teams

Coffee & cake. Bud Spencer & Terence Hill. Netflix & chill.
Many good things become really great when you combine them.
This applies to XPhone Connect and Microsoft Teams too.
Find out here how XPhone adds numerous functions to your Teams solution.

What XPhone offers you

  • Bundled contacts: XPhone bundles contacts from numerous databases and applications (Outlook, SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc.) and makes them available via free text search.
  • Contact data, chats & voicemails are not stored in the cloud. All data is safe & GDPR-compliant on your server.
  • With TeamDesk hotline management you can easily and flexibly set up queues. Logging in from a home office is also possible.
  • Information advantage: on the first ring your employees see all relevant data from ERP, CRM & co. displayed on the dashboard.
  • Presence management & operator console: in the Team-Panel you have an overview of the presence of all employees. And it's in compliance with works council requirements.
  • Receive and send faxes in the home office

XPhone & Teams work perfectly together

  • If an employee uses both XPhone and Microsoft Teams, XPhone Connect presence syncing ensures that both clients know exactly when the other is being used for phoning. The effect: when you are in a Teams meeting, no XPhone call will disturb you. And vice versa.
  • Thanks to Federation, chat & presence exchange also work across company boundaries. This is ideal if your customers or business partners use MS Teams. Thanks to Federation, XPhone users can chat with Teams users and exchange their presence and telephony status.
  • Two UC solutions, one softphone: you can configure XPhone so that all calls are routed through Teams. So you can also benefit from caller ID for Teams calls, for example.

Einfach kommunizieren

All contacts at hand.

Want to know what XPhone can do for you? A lot. First and foremost, XPhone ensures simple and convenient telephony. XPhone uses your existing PBX as a basis – regardless of whether it is from Unify, Alcatel, Cisco or other manufacturers. Even if you combine different systems.

The second win: XPhone bundles all contact details. No employee has to laboriously enter their own contacts. There is no redundancy or outdated data. The desired databases and applications are linked to the XPhone Directory – and immediately contacts from Outlook, Active Directory, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce & the phone book are available everywhere. On this basis, all callers are reliably identified.

You can use the contacts both in the home office as well as on mobile via the XPhone app. And that's even though the data is not stored in the cloud, but securely and GDPR-compliant on your server at all times.

More about contact data integration


XPhone federation with Teams

Every employee has different communication needs. While one person makes 50 external calls every day, the other mainly uses chat & Screen-Sharing for internal coordination.

It can therefore make perfect sense to use Microsoft Teams for one department, while XPhone is used in telephony-intensive areas such as sales.

The good thing about it: thanks to our federation function, chat and presence exchange also work across software boundaries. XPhone users can chat with Teams users – and vice versa, of course.

The presence status can also be exchanged. Incidentally, this exchange works not only internally, but also across company boundaries.

More about XPhone federation with Teams

XPhone Connect Federation
XPhone Connect Dashboard

Your direct line to ERP & CRM.

One search field, one click. It doesn't take more for a call. But XPhone can do even more. Callers are not just identified. You can also provide valuable information from your databases for each contact directly a call comes in.

So for every call your employees have exactly the information to hand they need for their work: if a customer calls the Sales department, the customer number, orders and annual sales can be displayed on the XPhone Connect dashboard. If the same customer calls Service, open tickets and products used are listed instead.

On the dashboard, however, you can not only provide data, but also links: so actions such as opening an opportunity in the CRM, creating a new ticket or creating a call note can be carried out with a click. Provide your employees e.g. with appropriate Word templates: during the call the template can be opened directly from the dashboard and the caller data is automatically transferred. Your advantage? Your employees save time. And your customers are pleased with excellent service.

More about the XPhone Connect dashboard


Intelligent hotlines.

Speaking of service: the best way to offer this to your customers is to be as available as possible. To maximize your availability, XPhone offers its own hotline management: XPhone Connect TeamDesk. With TeamDesk you ensure calls are optimally distributed to a team. Simply, intelligently & self-organised.

You can set up as many hotlines as you want – across locations as well as across PBXs. The advantage: TeamDesk is integrated directly into XPhone. So employees who are active on a hotline don't need their own client. Spatial flexibility is a big advantage, especially in times of corona: employees can use the XPhone Connect softphone or – thanks to AnyDevice – their own landline device or mobile phone to log onto their hotline.

More about TeamDesk hotline management

XPhone Connect TeamDesk
XPhone Connect Team-Panel

Maximum overview.

Availability, however, can be achieved not only with intelligent hotlines, but also with equally intelligent presence management. XPhone is linked to your Outlook calendar, knows your appointments and, if you wish, automatically redirects to your voicemail or to your colleagues. Thanks to "Info when available", a pop-up informs you as soon as a colleague is available again.

The Team-Panel offers you a maximum overview: the presence status and availability of entire departments can be clearly displayed here. Calls can also be forwarded with a click via the Team-Panel. This gives you an ideal operator console for the switchboard.

More about presence management & Team-Panel

Falko Hänle
Gühring KG
Falko Hänle
Gühring KG
"We use XPhone and Teams in parallel. We use Teams for video conferences and for collaborative work on files. With XPhone we manage classic telephony. On the one hand, this gives us the flexibility we need, since our smaller customers and suppliers in particular don't necessarily use Teams. On the other hand, XPhone offers us the advantage that we can connect all contact data in compliance with data protection regulations.

We also use the XPhone dashboards, which without a doubt have become indispensable. When the phone rings in our Sales department, the employee has all the customer's relevant SAP data in view before taking the call. The same applies to Purchasing, which has direct access to a supplier's open orders and the purchasing volume.

Our conclusion: the various functions XPhone and Teams offer are the perfect combination for us!"

Falko Hänle
IT | Gühring KG

Has this made you curious?

Our extensive network of qualified sales partners will be happy to answer any questions you may have about using XPhone Connect as well as about test licences and offers.


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