Show Presence with Busylight

Busylight zeigt Präsenz und Telefoniestatus von XPhone Connect

The Kuando Busylight is seamlessly integrated into XPhone Connect and visualises your current presence and availability status.

As a status-indicator, the Kuando Busylight automatically adapts its colour according to your XPhone status. This way, colleagues in your proximity know whether you are available or do not want to be disturbed.

Kuando Busylight by Plemon

The intergation is available for the following XPhone solutions:

The range of functions may differ depending on the deployed XPhone version and ITC infrastructure.

Supported Versions
XPhone Connect and Busylight

Show more presence with Kuando Busylight and XPhone Connect.

Status Indicators

  • Available = green
  • Incoming call = flashing red
  • Active call = red
  • In a meeting = blue
  • Be right back = yellow
  • Break = yellow
  • Do not disturb = blue
  • Notification of missed call / chat = current status flashing

Just connect the Busylight via USB with your PC and activate the feature in your XPhone Client.

Busylight Alpha

Busylight Alpha

Busylight Omega

Busylight Omega


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