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Softphone for Poly Trio

Make your communication even more flexible – with the combination of the XPhone Connect Softphone and conference call phones from Poly.

Your advantage: not only can you make calls directly from your Poly. With 2 clicks you can also seamlessly change devices during the call.

For example: you are on the phone with your headset. The conversation develops in a direction that is also relevant for your colleague at the neighbouring desk. With Softphone you can transfer the call to your conference call phone without workarounds and inconvenience.

The Trio 8800 has been tested and approved for release.

By the way: even devices that have not been tested by us may well be compatible with our Softphone. If you’d like to put a missing model to the test, we will gladly provide you with test licences to try it out yourself.

XPhone Connect mit Poly

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