The right information at the right time

You have a lot of valuable information about your customers - but do you have this data to hand when the phone rings? With XPhone Connect you never have to search for a customer number again, or for your call partner's most recent orders.  You can view any information stored in applications such as your CRM or ERP system directly during the call. 

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Better service pays off

Dashboard: all data at a glance

How can you save time while simultaneously improving your customer service? Simple. By having all the information you need for customer contacts automatically in view during every call. 

The XPhone Connect Dashboard bridges the gap between your applications and your communications system: any information stored in your CRM or ERP system, such as customer numbers or payment terms, can be displayed directly in your Client. You determine what that data is. 

AppLinks: elegant shortcut

Our tip for an efficient work day: create shortcuts. Our shortcut is called AppLink.

With AppLinks you can launch actions directly from your client: create a new opportunity, a call alert, a meeting or open the contact data in the original source.

You can just as flexibly integrate web links into your dashboard and thus e.g. directly calculate a route to the contact with a click. Everything just as you need it.


All target audiences in view

Every department has a different perspective. For Sales e.g. the CRM system is the crucial tool, for Service the ticket system. You can tailor XPhone Connect dashboards exactly to the needs of individual departments or teams. If a customer calls in Sales, for example, the customer number and payment terms are displayed to the employee. If the same customer calls in Support, the dashboard contains information on the ticket history.  It is also possible to precisely tailor the actions: while Sales can create a new opportunity, Service opens the last ticket with a click.

Dashboard Designer

The dashboards are created centrally by the administrator. In the Dashboard Designer - a visual design tool following the "WYSIWIG" principle ("What you see is what you get") - any number of dashboards can be defined. Components such as e.g. address blocks or actions can be conveniently compiled via drag & drop. In addition, predefined modules (display address of a contact, display address in map, embed any desired website etc.) and out-of-the-box dashboards (Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce) are available to the administrator.


EU-GDPR: Data protection made easy

All data protection information at a glance

Whether intended purpose, right of appeal or storage period: The new general data protection regulation entails comprehensive obligations to provide information. 

Don't create a bureaucratic monster that only consumes time & resources! 

With the AppLink Dashboard you can fulfill your information duty efficiently, effectively and unbureaucratically.

All personal data at a glance

A caller wants to know what personal data you have stored in your system? No problem! In the dashboard, you can clearly display all personal data pertaining to the caller that is  stored, for example, in your CRM system. And are thus able to make a statement within seconds during the conversation.

Direct information

In the dashboard you can not only see all the data of your caller but you can also send them to the contact instantly. In the dashboard you can create links to open a mail or letter template, for example. All GDPR-relevant information of your caller is automatically inserted in the template. Just klick "send" and that´s it.

Obtain specific consent

With the new general data protection regulation, laissez-faire is a thing of the past. You need the approval from your customers for every communication channel. During the call, the Dashboard shows you directly, which consent was given. And - even more important - what approval you currently lack.

Update contact

If you realise that data or consents are still missing, you can also open the personal information in the original source directly from the dashboard. And enter new data in no time at all.  


Your advantage


Very few companies lack data. The big challenge is to make this data available. And without great effort and laborious searching. 

With the XPhone Connect Dashboard, every employee has exactly the information he needs when he talks to a customer, a supplier, or a business partner. And he can create an opportunity or open an order with a click. 

Use the synergies that arise when communication & business applications become one:

  • Considerably more streamlined processes
  • Significant time savings
  • Optimum customer service
  • Greater employee satisfaction
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