XPhone Connect & Microsoft Teams as a duo

In many companies, Microsoft Teams 2020 has established itself as a collaboration solution. The problem: because a different platform is often used for telephony, the phone starts ringing merrily even during important video sessions. UC specialist C4B promises help: its communications solution XPhone now offers bidirectional presence syncing with Teams.

Munich, 19 March 2021. Nobody wants to be interrupted during an important meeting. And yet this happens thousands of times these days. The background: as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, many companies have opted for Microsoft Teams to enable their staff to work from home. While Teams is used for internal interaction and video sessions, telephony via the public telephone network is usually left out for cost reasons.

Presence Syncing with MS Teams
Presence Syncing with MS Teams

UC specialist C4B Com For Business now provides a remedy. With its communications solution XPhone Connect, the company is now the first manufacturer to offer bidirectional telephony and presence syncing with Microsoft Teams.

"When XPhone and Teams are used in parallel, both clients recognise when a call is being made in the other," explains C4B Sales Director Anna Schleipfer-Chakhchoukh. Incoming calls during a Teams meeting are thus automatically forwarded to voicemail or a colleague. Conversely, no Teams calls would be received while a staff member was on the phone via XPhone. Presence syncing is now available for XPhone Connect 8 and does not need to be licensed separately.

"Many companies want to combine the best of both worlds. Microsoft Teams is very strong in collaboration. XPhone, on the other hand, has 20 years of telephony know-how," reports Schleipfer-Chakhchoukh. For telephony, C4B relies on the PBX.

Contact data integration & hotline management

Schleipfer-Chakhchoukh sees another advantage over MS Teams in the integration of contact data: "Without contacts, there is no communication. Instead of each employee having to create and maintain their contacts individually, XPhone makes the contacts from various applications, such as Salesforce, SAP or other CRM and ERP systems, available centrally via free text search, while they are stored securely and in compliance with data protection laws on the company's own server."

Another classic telephony function that has become even more important as a result of the pandemic is the hotline management system TeamDesk. "We have a lot of customers in public administration. With TeamDesk, authorities can set up reliable vaccination hotlines that can also be managed from a home office. The availability of the hotlines can be specifically monitored and controlled."

With the new presence syncing, C4B wants to ensure customers can use XPhone and MS Teams in parallel and thus combine the advantages of both solutions. “We are convinced that XPhone and Teams are an extremely powerful duo," says Schleipfer-Chakhchoukh confidently.

Learn more about the interaction between XPhone Connect and Microsoft Teams at www.c4b.com/en/microsoft-teams/


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