Out-of-the-Box: XPhone integration for Salesforce

UC manufacturer C4B bridges the gap between communication and CRM for its customers. Six new dashboards are now available for Salesforce Lightning. When a call comes in, key Salesforce data is displayed via dashboard. In addition, actions can be started in the CRM system directly from the XPhone client, with the caller's data transferred automatically.

Munich, 3 November 2021. Efficient communication and lean processes: that's not only what employees want, but above all customers waiting at the other end of the telephone line. To make everyday work easier, UC specialist C4B Com For Business puts the emphasis on close integration between communication and business applications. The key to this integration is the XPhone Connect Dashboard.

XPhone Connect Dashboard für Salesforce Lightning
XPhone Connect Dashboard für Salesforce Lightning

"You can think of the dashboard as a kind of cheat sheet: the XPhone Client automatically displays all the relevant information about a caller that is stored in a specific application, such as an ERP or a CRM system," explains Marko Gatzemeier, Marketing Director at C4B.

C4B has now introduced a new "cheat sheet" for Salesforce Lightning: a total of 6 ready-made dashboards with adaptable sample actions are included. The great thing about them: the dashboards can be used practically "out-of-the-box". Ready-made scripts for importing into Salesforce are already included in the package.

Salesforce is connected via the XPhone Connect directory service. In this way, on the one hand, all Salesforce contacts are identified when a call is received. On the other hand, at the same time, the contacts are available in the Mobile App without being stored locally on the mobile. This means employees can access the centrally maintained contacts in compliance with data protection regulations even when they are on the move.

Intelligent shortcuts

When the dashboard is activated, in addition to caller ID, various shortcuts to Salesforce are available: "It is of course a great advantage that employees immediately know who they are dealing with. Not having to ask customers to spell their names or give their numbers not only saves time. It also looks much more professional," Gatzemeier is convinced. "This added value is doubled by the direct link to the CRM: a click is enough to open the matching data record in Salesforce or launch an action."

Various actions are available in the Salesforce dashboards that XPhone customers can configure as required. Among other things, a new opportunity, a new task or a call alert can be created directly from the XPhone Client: the caller's details are transferred automatically.

The dashboards are configured in such a way that XPhone recognises whether the caller is a contact, an account or a lead and automatically uses the appropriate dashboard. For example, the "Open account" action only appears if there is actually a Salesforce account – and not e.g. just a lead. This ensures no promotions are offered that go nowhere.

Another advantage: XPhone not only enables quick shortcuts to Salesforce – but also in the other direction. For example, by clicking on the relevant number, in Salesforce employees can launch a call or send a fax via XPhone.

"Business communication is rarely an end in itself," says Marko Gatzemeier. "A call almost always means a task as well. A UC solution is therefore all the more valuable the better it helps the employee complete this task quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to do exactly that in the best possible way."

More about Salesforce integration: www.c4b.com/en/crm-systems/salesforce/

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