New functions for TeamDesk & Team-Panel


New functions for TeamDesk & Team-Panel

Our latest micro release is available for download as of today.


The highlights:

| Team-Panel: The fact that you can freely arrange your contacts in the team panel and provide them with a suitable label is nothing new. Now, however, not only the performance has been improved enormously. A visual display of the grid function has also been implemented, thanks to which it is much easier to arrange the contacts.

| TeamDesk: Until now, you had to use the mouse to manually change your TeamDesk status. Hotkeys for setting the status are now available for all keyboard fans.

| Softphone Mobile: In addition to XIRSYS, Softphone Mobile now also supports the configuration of other TURN servers such as CoTurn.


Please note

If available, the XCC satellite must be replaced for the update. The satellite must be operated with V9.1.0 to be compatible with the XPhone server. The current image is also available immediately on the download page.

The reason for this is another innovation: namely the upgrade of .NET Core to version 6.0.


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