C4B supports anynode SBC

C4B Com For Business AG is broadening its outreach: the UC manufacturer has approved the session border controller anynode for use with its communications solution XPhone. C4B partners can thus use XPhone with even more PBXs than before.

Munich, 27 September 2022.
UC manufacturer C4B has always been committed to flexibility. Its communications platform XPhone Connect is considered manufacturer-independent. In other words, it can be used with PBXs from a wide range of manufacturers, such as Unify, Alcatel or Mitel.

Now the company is taking the next step and approving XPhone for use with the session border controller anynode from TE-SYSTEMS as well. Session border controllers (SBC) are a key element of VoIP networks. They establish the communication link between different endpoints and transcode the audio or video stream to ensure the necessary compatibility.

Freigabe anynode

"With anynode support, our distribution partners can use XPhone even more flexibly and comprehensively than before," explains Thomas Pecher-Wagner, Head of Product at C4B.

Resellers use the anynode SBC, among other things, to smooth out inconsistent protocols from different SIP providers. This not only solves display errors when phone numbers are transmitted, but also functional problems. In particular, the use of SBC enables the mapping of highly complex location scenarios, e.g. of chain stores.

A great advantage is that the anynode SBC covers a wide range of providers and PBXs. Resellers can now use XPhone with all of these PBXs too – regardless of whether they are supported by C4B. To this end, the SBC is installed between XPhone and the PBX. Key functions such as Softphone and hotline management are then available. Devices can be integrated via callback.

"The anynode SBC is already very popular with our sales partners and is used in multiple projects," reports Pecher-Wagner. "As a result, many partners already know the product practically inside out."

Full release of Softphone Mobile

With the new release, C4B is also fully releasing its latest feature, Softphone in the Mobile App. Until now, the release was project-specific. "During the gradual rollout we learned a lot about our customers' different hosting scenarios and have optimised our solution accordingly," explains Thomas Pecher-Wagner. "We are pleased that Softphone Mobile can now be offered to all customers."

Via Softphone Mobile, employees can make calls from anywhere under their office number. This means on the one hand that companies can reduce their telephone costs by allowing employees to make calls abroad via WLAN, for example. On the other hand, extensive call control functions such as consultation, swap hold and forwarding are available via the Softphone.

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