Preview: First glimpse of XPhone Connect


In an exclusive preview, C4B Com For Business presented the latest generation of its Unified Communications XPhone™ solution at the BMW World in Munich: XPhone Connect. With XPhone Connect, C4B relies on a clearly user-oriented solution. All channels, contacts and the entire communication history are available to users in bundled form – on the PC or mobile via smartphone. The new solution will go on sale in spring 2015. The UC specialist is also starting a new software update service in the form of "XPhone Up2Date": with immediate effect, customers can secure rights to the use of all updates and upgrades for up to three years.

XPhone in Motion Executive Preview - Michael Schreier Keynote

Modern office workers are faced with innumerable digital challenges every day. Their key working materials, i.e. communication, should therefore be as simple as possible", is how C4B CEO Michael Schreier summarises the basic idea behind XPhone Connect.

Simple means: All communication channels are bundled in the XPhone Client and can be smoothly switched or extended to include additional channels or persons as required. In a central stream, the employee can always see a full history of all conversations – whether phone, chat, fax, voicemail, mobile or desktop sharing.

With XPhone Connect, C4B takes account of the two key trends currently characterising the working environment: mobility and BYOD. To date, the advantages offered by CTI and UC for everyday work routines have been largely restricted to the office. C4B now finally removes this restriction in the form of its new "AnyDevice" module. Whether access to contact data, showing availability or CTI functions such as swap hold, consultation calls and hold, AnyDevice enables any end device to be used as a comprehensive UC phone. Employees working from home can therefore use their private landline or mobile phone to forward calls or set up conferences just as easily as in the office. Thanks to AnyDevice, not only is the office number shown for all outgoing calls – no phone costs are incurred by the private phone connection. The new "Follow-me" function applies for incoming calls with which all calls received by the office number are automatically diverted to the desired number. At the same time, presence and availability status is communicated and shown to colleagues.

"Our goal is to offer the user the same high degree of communication convenience – regardless of whether he is in the office or on the road visiting clients", explains Schreier. Using the XPhone Connect Apps for iPhone and Android, group chats can also be conducted from smartphones thereby easily enabling co-ordination within the team, even when colleagues are on the road. The transition between end devices is seamless: chats started at office PCs can be continued on mobile phones. The new conference module also promises significant simplification: phone conferences can be set up by a simple click in Outlook making complex and expensive bookings of conference facilities a thing of the past. Thanks to the optional authentication function, participants are identified automatically, i.e. without any PIN entry. Conferences are controlled entirely in the client and participants can also activate the mute function, for example. The "Active Speaker" function also shows which conference participant is speaking at a given time.

XPhone Analytics: UC goes Business Intelligence

One of the central goals of modern UC solutions involves optimising communication processes: XPhone Connect provides the ideal basis for this with its new "Analytics" business intelligence module. Comprehensive graphics and clearly-structured dashboards provide answers to questions on call volume, average call duration, availability and much more. Team leaders can easily and swiftly identify the times at which the rate of lost calls are particularly high, for example, and take the appropriate countermeasures.

In order to optimally align its new UC generation to the requirements of changing working environments, C4B has installed XPhone Connect on an entirely new platform. Accordingly, the architecture reveals some extremely interesting innovations. For example: a multi-level administration concept can be realised on an XPhone Connect server. By setting up sub-administrators with limited rights, resellers can operate a single XPhone server for various branches of a company and offer XPhone Connect as a hosted managed service.
"XPhone Connect enables us to offer our customers a solution which is aligned towards a central goal, i.e. facilitating work processes for users every day. Regardless of where, with whom and how they wish to communicate", summarises Schreier. XPhone Connect is to go on sale next spring.

"XPhone Up2date" software assurance: innovations included

The "XPhone Up2Date" software update service is also immediately available and new: with XPhone Up2Date, customers acquire the right to use all future upgrades and updates. Depending on requirements, XPhone Up2Date can be acquired for up to three years, with lower annual costs incurred the longer the software assurance runs. "The customer not only benefits from the fact that he can use the latest XPhone generation. He also has the assurance that the applicable versions of conventional operating systems, PBX systems and interfaces are always supported", explains Michael Schreier. 

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