C4B launches website and partner portal

The Unified Communications specialist C4B Com For Business presents itself in a completely new online look. The focus of the relaunch was on the software manufacturer's partners: the partner portal was extensively expanded and is now available to the international channel as well.

Munich, 20 February 2017. New structure, new domain, new functions: "We have not left one stone on top of the other," C4B marketing director Marko Gatzemeier summarises the relaunch. The most obvious change is the design, which is significantly cleaner and tidier. "But even more important than the web interface itself are the changes hidden in the technical foundation," emphasises Gatzemeier.

Thus, for example, the new website is completely responsive: depending on the device a visitor uses to call up the site, the content is automatically optimised to the appropriate format. "When every potential customer is online with their smartphone at all conceivable times, then our product information must also be professionally presented on the mobile phone display," Gatzemeier is convinced.

C4B-Relaunch: www.c4b.com

New Partner Finder for prospective buyers

Another benefit, both for customers and for C4B partners, is the Partner Finder. In the Partner Finder, prospective customers can view all certified partners in their area on Google Maps - and contact them directly via an integrated form. The resellers themselves determine which data is available here. Their contact details, profile and logo can be maintained directly in the partner portal. The latter was significantly expanded as part of the relaunch.

"Our strength is the channel," emphasises Gatzemeier. "For this reason, right from the start the question of how to best support our partners in their work has been the focus of our relaunch." From now on, C4B partners can not only maintain their company profile in the portal, but also manage their contact details and, above all, the permissions of all employees to access the data. The background: in addition to the product calculator, C4B provides its partners with a tool that can be used to manage all existing systems: expansions and upgrades can thus be calculated quickly and efficiently.

"Until now, partners have had to have the customer system administration released for their employees by our sales department," says Marko Gatzemeier. "Now every partner sees exactly which of their employees have which permissions - and can change them quickly and flexibly."

Partner portal for the international channel

But not only the portal itself has been expanded: with the relaunch, all content and also the sales tools are now available in English as well – and can thus be used by international C4B partners too. In recent years, the UC manufacturer has significantly expanded its distribution in other European countries in particular, but also beyond Europe's borders. Today, C4B is active in over 20 countries. 

For all the innovations, Gatzemeier sees the going-live of www.c4b.com less as a finale than as a starting shot: "The heart of a website is always the content. And we will continuously expand that in the areas of explainer videos, the news blog and succinct product information in particular."

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