CeBIT 2015: C4B presents XPhone Connect


C4B Com For Business AG has a particular highlight in store for visitors to its stand at this year's CeBIT: the communication specialist is presenting its latest UC generation – XPhone Connect – to the public for the first time. The list of innovations is long: apart from the business intelligence module “Analytics” and its own conference server, the solution featuring “AnyDevice” offers full CTI convenience for any end device. XPhone Connect will go on sale in spring 2015.

XPhone Connect PC-Client mit schmaler Ansicht

omprehensive integration coupled with maximum mobility: only a few weeks ahead of the product launch, C4B is presenting the latest generation of its UC solution for the first time in the form of XPhone Connect. “XPhone Connect is our answer to the manifold requirements made by companies and employees on state-of-the-art communication today”, explains Michael Schreier, CEO at C4B.

Specifically, this means that XPhone Connect bundles all channels, contacts and the entire communication history in a single client. During development, the focus was attached to intuitive operation. At only a few clicks, conversations can be extended to include additional channels or participants, whereby the respective employee's location is irrelevant. “Mobility is one of the decisive factors for success”, confirms Michael Schreier. “Being able to work anywhere is something that is taken for granted nowadays. Unfortunately, in terms of convenient communication, reality often lags behind this working concept.” Thanks to the “AnyDevice” module, XPhone Connect is closing this gap and offers full UC functions for any end device. Whether in home offices, hotels or en route to customers, employees can accept or redirect calls as well as set up conference calls using any land-line or mobile phone just as easily as in the office. The preferred end device can be conveniently selected in the client. With XPhone Connect BYOD is only a click away.

Along with exchanges by phone, Instant Messaging in particular has also developed to become a valuable tool for mobile employees. Using persistent chat, employees can finalise details with colleagues even while en route to customer. And entirely “barrier-free”: chats started in the office can be seamlessly continued on smartphones – and the other way around. At the same time, the XPhone apps for iPhone and Android ensure that both presence information and all contacts are always available for mobile applications.

Integration of all contact data from a company's various data bases, applications and branches has remained one of the unique selling points of the XPhone series. C4B uses XPhone Connect to push integration of this data even further: using the new “AppLink” module, data to be displayed in the client in the case of incoming calls is simply compiled from various applications (ERP, CRM etc.) via Drag & Drop. Employees are therefore not only shown the caller's name and company when calls are received but also key information such as the customer number or partner status. 

The new “XPhone Analytics” business intelligence module also offers major potentials for streamlining communication processes over the long term: comprehensive graphics and clearly-structured dashboards provide answers to questions relating to call volume, average call duration, availability and much more. Team leaders can therefore easily and swiftly establish when the rate of missed calls is particularly high – and take the appropriate counter-measures. “Analytics enables each department to plan its resources much better and deploy employees more efficiently. This represents an incredible potential for companies. And not only with regard to specific savings but also, e.g. in the form of improved availability in terms of service and higher sales turnover”, claims Schreier.

C4B at the CeBIT: Hall 13, Stand D35

XPhone Connect: overview of new modules & features

  • AnyDevice: Full CTI functions (redirecting calls, swap holds, consultation calls etc.) for any end device. The office number is displayed for outgoing calls. Phone costs are automatically billed through the company.
  • Follow-Me: All calls directed towards the office number are automatically redirected to the respective number.
  • Unified Journal: The entire communication history is shown in a stream in the client – whether telephone, chat, fax, voicemail, mobile or desktop sharing.
  • Apps for iPhone & Android: Mobile client incl. displays relating to colleague presence and status as well as access to all contact data. Employees are notified directly of incoming chat messages via push notifications.
  • Conference server: Set up telephone conferences at a click in Outlook. Thanks to the optional comfort authentication function, participants are identified without entering a PIN. The conference can be controlled entirely in the client. The “Active Speaker” function shows which participant is currently speaking.
  • Persistent chat: Chats started on office PCs can be seamlessly continued on smartphones.
  • AppLink: Applications can be linked via Drag & Drop. A dashboard designer enables data to be compiled for defining actions or to be shown when calls are received etc.
  • Analytics: Codes such as call volume, average call duration, availability etc. can be recorded via the Business Intelligence module. Reference periods can be freely defined and compared.

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