Whether USB or Bluetooth: the XPhone Connect Softphone is compatible with numerous Yealink headsets. The following models have been tested by C4B.

Voice transmission works perfectly with any of these headsets. You can control functions such as accept/hang up, mute, etc. at any time in the Connect Client. The following overview shows you which telephony functions can also be controlled directly on the headset.

Whether the telephony functions can be controlled on the headset depends not only on the correct configuration, but also on the driver versions. If you would like to test the functionality in your specific IT environment, our sales partners will be happy to provide you with test licenses. This also applies if you want to test headsets that we don't support yet.



    Comfort functions on the headset

    Basically all headsets can be used for voice transmission.
    The following models have been explicitly tested by C4B.



    Voice transmission

    Accept/Hang up

    Connection info




    Funktion vorhanden

    Funktion vorhanden *

    Funktion vorhanden

    Funktion vorhanden

    Funktion vorhanden

    Functions on the end device
    *Functional restrictions when MS Teams or Skype for Business is started


    Funktion vorhanden Function is supported by Softphone.
    Funktion nicht vorhanden This function can not be technically supported by Softphone.
    n/a The device does not offer this function.

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