Your centralised company address book

From the personal Outlook folder via the central CRM or ERP system to directory services such as the active directory: contact data are generally scattered throughout the company. 

With XPhone Virtual Directory, all contacts from every data source are available in a bundle: always up-to-date and available in seconds. 

Thanks to the flexible free text search, you can easily find the desired data - even in the largest data sets. Conversely, all incoming callers are reliably identified.

XPhone Virtual Directory: Ihr zentrales Unternehmens-Adressbuch

Contact data search engine

Thanks to a special index for phone numbers and contact details, search hits are returned within seconds without slowing data source performance. Even extended searches are possible - just like those offered by search engines. For example: "Peter Sample* +Munich -C4B". Thanks to the proximity search function, you can also receive information on the caller if only the company's centralised number is available in your database instead of the extension. 

Access to distributed data

Your contacts can be stored in SQL data bases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, your Active Directory, Tobit David or other sources – it makes no difference. XPhone Virtual Directory still lets you instantly access all your data. You can even integrate private Outlook or Notes contact folders if your organisation runs an Exchange / Notes server.

Multiple application possibilities

XPhone Virtual Directory enables central access to all contact data and is the ideal solution for:

  • PBX &system phones
  • mobile phones
  • central, Web-based company address book
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Notes
  • augmenting your CTI or Unified Communications solution
  • LDAP-enabled end devices and applications

Accessible anywhere

XPhone Virtual Directory is an LDAP server and works just like a superior meta data base. The directory service accesses your original data sources and provides the standardised contact data via a central LDAP interface. Enabling your employees to access all the contact information they need at any time and any place. 

Secure access

You decide who can access which data sources. If your client supports Windows authentication, the permissions can be assigned based on your Active Directory users and security groups. That way, some departments can receive access to all the contact information, while others only see selected details. SSL-encrypted access is also possible via LDAPS.  

Improved communication

Providing direct data access from all mission-critical systems streamlines the communication processes in every department and boosts worker productivity at the office, on the road and in home offices. Your organisation will deliver better-quality services – and keep your customers and partners more satisfied.


No duplicate data management

Original data is not replicated in the XPhone Virtual Directory data base. To ensure that data remains current in the index, you can use the start and stop time as well as an interval of your choice to specify when and how often XPhone Virtual Directory should automatically update the index.

Simple administration

XPhone Virtual Directory is an easily administrated out-of-the-box solution with open interfaces for integrating data bases and client interfaces. It is seamlessly integrated in the prevailing ICT infrastructure, supports Windows authentication and can be administrated remotely.

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Standardised interface

All contact data are provided via a standardised LDAP interface. Every device and application access only one centralized address book.


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