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XPhone Virtual Directory

XPhone Virtual Directory has been discontinued. Support will be available until June 30th, 2019.
All information about the directory service of our new UC platform XPhone Connect can be found here: XPhone Connect Directory


Contact information is the central basis for every communication. With XPhone Virtual Directory, you have access to all business contacts – even if they are distributed to different locations, databases or applications. The contact information is provided to all your end devices, applications and systems in a standardised form.

This allows you to access all your company's contact data with every LDAP-enabled application or directly with your office and mobile phones. Thanks to the high-performance free text search, the data are available in seconds. You always access the original data: the information is therefore always up to date.

XPhone Virtual Directory is the ideal solution for a central, web-based company address book as well as for expanding your CTI or Unified Communications software.

  • direct access to all your contacts: from your groupware, various databases, applications (ERP, CRM etc.) & cloud services
  • free text search (including advanced search, approximation search, etc.) across all connected data sources
  • no data replication – always access to the original data
  • individual permissions based on Active Directory users or security groups
  • simple administration by drag & drop
  • reliable caller identification
  • seamless integration into the existing ITK infrastructure
  • mobile access via LDAP interface or web application
  • flexible prioritization of the connected databases
  • High-performance search – thanks to the cache to relieve the original data sources

XPhone Virtual Directory provides you with a central address book and ensures that contact data in the applications and on end devices is displayed in the standardised formats you require. Regardless of where the data comes from.

For your PBX

Use XPhone Virtual Directory to easily and swiftly extend the address book in your PBX or system telephones. Providing users with direct access to all account data in your company, regardless of whether it is saved in your personal Outlook contact folders, customer data bases, the ERP system or other data sources.

For your Intranet

XPhone Virtual Directory comes with a Web-based address book. It can serve as a central enterprise directory and be integrated into your intranet. Enabling you to provide all employees with swift and easy access to all contact data. Contacts out of Outlook adressbooks also show their respective contact pictures. In combination with XPhone Unified Communications, phone calls can be started directly from the Web browser at a mouse click.

For mobile phones & tablets

With your mobile phone or tablet PC all of your company's contact data is also available when you are out of the office without requiring data to be saved on your end device. And if you happen to lose your device, valuable data does not fall into the hands of unauthorised persons. In combination with XPhone Unified Communications, use the Web client optimised for mobile phones to access all of your contacts.


For Cloud applications

You can easily make your local contact data available to cloud applications via automatic export using XPhone Virtual Directory. Or even the other way around: use your local applications and devices to access contact data from the cloud.

For your UC-application

XPhone Virtual Directory allows fast and easy access to all company contacts. It is the ideal extension for XPhone Unified Communications or any other Unified Communications or CTI solution availing of an LDAP interface.

Outlook & Notes

XPhone Virtual Directory provides you with an address book in Outlook & Notes. Use the Outlook or Notes search to access your entire contact data base – even if the data is saved in other applications and data bases (e.g. CRM, ERP) or other sources.

For your Mac

Access your business contacts from any Apple system, e.g. from your Apple address book, your Apple mail client, your iPad or iPhone! Already configured and ready for use.


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