XPhone Unified Communications

Below you find all information regarding XPhone Unified Communications. Please note that the sale of XPhone Unified Communications is about to be discontinued.
Customers can buy licenses until June 30th, 2018. Support will still be available until June 30th, 2019.


Computer telephony

With XPhone Unified Communications, you can start phone calls directly from Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes, from ERP and CRM applications.
And your callers are not only identified during the first ringing, but are also displayed directly with all relevant data from the connected applications.

XPhone Client
Groupware Integration
ERP and CRM systems

CTI-Client for Windows

 XPhone Client provides you with access to all contact data, regardless of whether it is saved in your personal address book, your CRM or ERP system. You can make phone calls directly at your computer simply at a click of the mouse. And you can accept calls just as easily as well as forward them or set up conference calls. Callers are identified when the phone rings and an info window provides you with all of the key information on the caller, including a photo. Caller data is automatically or manually transferred to other applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, help desk) enabling you to work efficiently.

XPhone UC Windows-Client

Web client for Mac & Linux

Apart from the CTI client for Windows, each XPhone user can also avail of the XPhone CTI Web client which supplies you with extensive telephony functions via the Web browser. You can therefore easily integrate employees in home offices, Mac and Linux computers or even PCs on which no applications can or may be installed in the company's communication infrastructure. Using the XPhone CTI Web client, you can also access all of the company's contact data and utilise extensive telephony functions.

XPhone UC Web-Client

CTI for Microsoft Office

XPhone integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft Office user interface, thereby providing access to all contact data within the organisation, regardless of whether the data originates from your ERP system or your customer data base. At a mere click of the mouse, you can make phone calls, send text messages or faxes. Incoming faxes and voice messages are sent to you by e-mail. The appointments in your Outlook calendar automatically control your presence status and your availability for callers.

CTI for IBM Notes

XPhone can also be integrated seamlessly in the Lotus Notes user interface which also provides efficient communication functions. At a simple click of the mouse, you can make calls directly from the Lotus Notes interface or send faxes or text messages. Incoming faxes and voice messages are also sent to you by e-mail. Appointments in your Lotus Notes calendar automatically control your presence status and therefore your availability for callers.

CTI for Tobit David

XPhone Unified Communications extends Tobit David.fx Pro and Tobit David.zehn! to include extensive communication functions. At a click of the mouse, you can dial directly from your David user interface thereby controlling your office phone. In the case of incoming calls, you can have the David contact mask shown thereby availing of all information on the caller directly on your screen. Tobit David also sends you incoming faxes and voice messages by e-mail.

CTI für Novell GroupWise

Dialling has become a thing of the past: with XPhone you make calls directly from your GroupWise contacts - with just one click of the mouse. You also gain in convenience and overview on all other communication channels: thus you receive faxes and voicemails simply via email. And last but not least: callers who are stored in your contacts are already identified on the first ring and shown with all their information in the XPhone client.


XPhone Unified Communications extends your individual applications and sector-specific solutions to include telephony functions. This means that in future you can make phone calls directly from your customer data base (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM), your ERP system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV), the helpdesk system or other applications.


CTI for CRM systems

When your customer calls, XPhone Unified Communications ensures that the CRM system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM) automatically opens and shows you all key information on the caller. This helps you to save time. Ideal for handling your customer's request without delay. With XPhone UC, simply click your customer's or business partner's phone number in your CRM system and your phone dials the number.

CTI for ERP systems

ERP systems can also be extended with XPhone to include telephony functions and effectively integrate communication in everyday workflows. For example, you can make calls directly from the user interface of your ERP software. Callers can be identified on the basis of data in your ERP system. Entry masks can be opened which already contain all of the caller's data and much more.

For Web browsers

An XPhone browser plugin integrates CTI functions in practically all Web sites and Web-based applications - entirely on its own. Calls are therefore made from your browser at a click of the mouse (Click 2 Dial or Click 2 Call).

CTI für den Browser: Anrufe via Click-2-Call starten

Hotkey dialling

You can make calls from practically any application using the hotkey dialling function. Select the number you wish to call and then press the key combination [ALT]+[F12], for example. Your phone immediately starts to dial the selected number. XPhone Unified Communications therefore offers you the possibility of integration in practically any external system. All conventional call formats are supported so you do not need to worry about how the numbers are written correctly.


Mobile communication


With XPhone Unified Communications two solutions are available for integrating mobile employees. Firstly, integration is possible via XPhone UC Web. This possibility is available free of charge to all XPhone users. Secondly, C4B offers XPhone Mobile Control as a licenced version with advanced CTI integration and even greater functional scope for mobile employees. 

XPhone UC Web Client
Mobile Control

XPhone UC Web is the platform-independent solution for integrating mobile employees. It works with all mobile operating systems, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Via a Web-based user interface specially optimised for mobile end devices, XPhone Unified Communications 2011 enables practically any mobile phone to be integrated in the company's communication environment. All you need is a mobile phone with Internet access and a Web browser. No additional software is installed on the mobile phone. The solution is practically identical to a native App and is available free of charge to any CTI user.

This solution provides you with access to company-wide or personal addresses and customer information. The One-Number service enables you to make phone calls with your mobile phone through the company PBX whereby only the office phone number is displayed. You can see your colleagues' call and presence status as well as control your own availability.

  • One-Number-Service
  • Dialling extensions or making direct calls
  • Callback: The callback function connects you to the desired contact in that you receive a callback from your company PBX, whereby no mobile call costs are incurred. Ideal for mobile calls abroad or for integrating private mobile phones.
  • Control presence managent and availability
  • Activate and deactivate call forwarding
  • Access to company address book
  • Call journal

XPhone Mobile Control is a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution for Android and BlackBerry smartphones. It enables wireless integration of mobile employees in company communication infrastructures providing them with access to all company-wide or personal address data without the data being saved locally on mobile phones. The One-Number service enables you to make phone calls with your mobile phone through the company PBX whereby only the office phone number is displayed. You can see your colleagues' call and presence status, control your own availability and access a comprehensive call journal.

Please note: The XPhone Mobile Control Apps only work in combination with the C4B XPhone Unified Communications server or with Octopus Desk UC offered by Deutsche Telekom. Mobile Control requires a separate licence. The App can not run without Mobile Control licences.

  • CTI control for Android & BlackBerry
  • One-Number-Service
  • Dialling extensions or making direct calls
  • Caller ID
  • Control presence management and availability
  • Activate and deactivate call forwarding
  • Integrated battery management
  • Synchronous call journal
  • Integrated Mobile Device Management
XPhone Mobile Control App im Google Playstore
XPhone Mobile Control App in der BlackBerry App World

Integrated Fax-Server


XPhone Unified Communications includes an efficient and easy-to-use fax server solution.
Integrated fax software enables you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer. You can even use your mobile phone to send and receive faxes.


Microsoft Outlook & IBM Notes

XPhone Unified Communications integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes interface. One click is all that is required here to send faxes (mail2fax). Inbound faxes are made available by e-mail (fax2mail).

XPhone UC Client

You can easily send and receive faxes directly from XPhone UC Commander. With the XPhone Faxeditor with live preview faxes are created quickly and sent.

Other Windows Applications

XPhone Unified Communications enables you to send faxes from practically any Windows application. Regardless of whether you wish to send faxes from your CRM, the ERP or your accounting software, you can integrate fax dispatch in practically any of your business workflows.


Mail 2 Fax (Outlook & Notes)

XPhone Unified Communications provide a convenient live preview function. In the preview window you will see the fax just as the recipient will receive it.

Sending faxes with Word

Faxes are also easily sent from Microsoft Word. Use the XPhone plug-in to select the recipient, enter a reference line and send the Word document by fax.

Personalised serial faxes

Personalised serial faxes such as advertising mailings, for example, can also be sent directly from Microsoft Word using the serial letter feature. After personalisation, indicate when and whether the fax is to be sent with or without a cover sheet. An appropriate serial fax macro for Word is included as standard.

Sending and receiving faxes by mobile phones

XPhone Unified Communications even enables you to send and receive faxes using your mobile phone. If you wish to send a fax from your mobile, simply open your e-mail programme and enter the respective fax number (e.g. 089840798100@fax.meine-firma.de), the reference line and your message, and then send it. Inbound faxes are simply received by e-mail.

Time-controlled fax dispatch

Should faxes be sent immediately or not until later? You can specify when each fax is to be sent. Either immediately or at a specified time in the future. Prioritised fax dispatch is also possible which means that urgent order confirmations are always given priority over advertising mailings. By defining specific time slots, faxes can also be sent at more favourable times (economy tariffs, low peak). 

Confirmation of faxes sent

Receive confirmation of each fax sent by e-mail. With the fax document attached depending on the settings.

Individual fax templates

XPhone Unified Communications is supplied with fax templates - with or without cover sheets - for immediate use. They can be adapted at any time to your corporate design and individual requirements. The templates are in RTF format and do not therefore require any special editors.


If faxes need to be printed, you can send them directly to a printer which prints all inbound fax messages immediately.

Fax Annotations

XPhone Faxeditor allows you to annotate faxes, bear stamps and highlight text passages. The stamps and comments can be created and customized by the user.

Fax printer driver

XPhone UC recognises special control characters in fax documents and automatically scans the recipient´s name and fax number.

Automatic redial

If a fax is unable to be sent (e.g. recipient is engaged), the connection is repeated automatically at regular intervals as specified by you.

Access by fax

This feature makes documents available around the clock for access by fax. The recipient dials a fax number defined by your company and receives documents as faxes. This enables you to provide your customers or partners with new offers on a regular basis without having to send unsolicited advertising by fax.

Sender ID

XPhone Unified Communications accesses all integrated data bases (e.g. CRM or ERP systems, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.), automatically establishes the sender on the basis of the fax number and makes the information available.

Fax archive

Inbound and outbound fax messages can be sorted and archived in TIF or PDF format. Structured archiving in the file system enables importing into document management systems, for example.

Application integration

XPhone UC even enables you to avail of server-server communication for receiving and sending centralised faxes from host systems, for example, (via SMTP / file system). 


The integrated fax server in XPhone UC contains a spam filter protecting you from unwanted faxes (e.g. advertising) which can be forwarded to a certain recipient (e.g. spam box) or rejected altogether. Filtering according to station ID (CSID) and sender phone numbers can be used.


Intelligent voicemail


The intelligent voicemail system ensures that your customers feel well-looked after in their absence.
Whether you're on vacation, whether it's a holiday or a call from abroad, the system offers the right greeting for every occasion.
Your employees do not have to worry about anything - the greetings are automatically controlled by presence, time or number.



You can leave centralised greetings for callers outside office hours or for calls received on public holidays. Greetings for certain days of the week or times of day can also be specified.


The answering machine synchronises with your Outlook or Notes calendar. Callers are automatically welcomed by the appropriate greeting depending on whether you are at a meeting or on the road and are even informed as to when you will be available again.

Phone number-controlled

Callers are identified by means of their phone numbers and greetings are automatically activated in the appropriate language for calls from abroad. VIP greetings for customers with certain phone numbers can also be realised this way.

Automatic forwarding

If you do not wish the caller to leave a message when you are unavailable, calls are automatically forwarded to your representative. So you can be sure that your customers receive optimum support even when you are on holiday or at a meeting.


Receiving via e-mail

You can have voice messages sent as audio files by e-mail. All key information on the caller such as his company and phone number, for example, is also supplied. You can listen to such messages directly at your computer or using any telephone. If necessary, voice messages are forwarded or saved.


If you wish, you can be notified of new voicemails by text message or e-mail. What's more, a display on your office phone indicates the receipt of new voicemails provided that your phone supports the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) feature.

Remote access

Remote access to your personal voicemail box is possible from any telephone, regardless of whether you are in the office, in your home office or on the road. Via remote access, you can even set up a direct connection to the caller.

Visual voicemail

UC Commander, Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes provide you with an overview of all voicemails received. You can see all of the key information on callers and decide which messages are important and which ones you wish to listen to first.


Professional voicemail - intelligently controlled

The company supplies professional greetings for the entire organisation or individual departments which are automatically assigned to the respective users. Furthermore, all kinds of extensible scenarios can be mapped and special greetings activated (presence-, time- or phone number-controlled ...). In combination with XPhone UC Office, manual forwarding to voicemail is not even necessary as the software does this automatically.

XPhone Unified Communications is fully fitted with professional greetings recorded in a studio. New greeting texts are easily recorded, tested and activated. You already use personal greetings? No problem, just upload them as WAV files.

XPhone UC: Baukasten für professionelle Voicemail-Ansagen

Desktop Sharing

XPhone Unified Communications enables you to improve collaboration within the entire company.

Desktop Sharing & Remote Access
Online meetings & conferences

XPhone Unified Communications offers each Windows user the possibility of remote access to desktop sharing and colleagues' computers. Collaboration between colleagues, the provision of fast support or working from home offices is made even easier than before thanks to XPhone.

Your benefits

  • No additional software installation at the desktop
  • No session number entry
  • No extra licence costs

Desktop sharing & remote access

With XPhone Unified Communications, you can use Instant Messaging (chat) to invite your colleagues to view your monitor or request desktop sharing from other colleagues. Screen transfer is coded and can be interrupted at any time. 

Change monitor viewing direction 

With XPhone, the viewing direction can be changed during screen transfer simply at a click of the mouse. It is also possible to transfer the entire mouse and keyboard controls thereby enabling another user to operate your computer for a specified period of time. This may be necessary when fast support is required of the IT Department, for example.

Supports several monitors

Users working on two monitors can specify the content they wish to transfer simply by selecting the monitor to be shown, whereby the monitor display can be changed at any time. This facilitates interactive screen transfer and enables the visible applications to be specified.

Change between full-screen and window mode

The screen transfer recipient can also decide whether presentations are in full-screen or window mode. This can also be changed at any time during transfer and enables the viewer to decide how he wishes to work.

Desktop Sharing mit XPhone Unified Communications

Whether online meetings, interactive Web conferences or online training – Instant Meeting is the solution for any type of online collaboration involving up to 100 external participants. FastViewer Instant Meeting can be easily integrated in XPhone.

FastViewer licences need to be acquired separately. Licences already available can also be integrated in XPhone.

  • Send session invitations by XPhone Instant Message (chat) or e-mail in order to start spontaneous sessions.
  • Conference planner can be started directly from the XPhone client.
  • Voice connection via telephone or VoIP
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Selection of applications: you decide what programmes & content are transferred from your screen.
  • Host can be changed at any time
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Suitable for smartphone, tablet, PC and MacSession recordings

Powerful Presence management

XPhone UC: Automatischer Abgleich mit dem Outlook-Kalender

Who's at their desk? On a business trip? On vacation? The answer is only a click away – even if you don't all work at the same office. You can even look up team members' call status, regardless of whether they are using their mobile or office phone. All information on presence and accessibility is also available when you're out of the office. Gone are the days of unwanted interruptions and endless attempts to contact people. 

You do not have to worry about anything: The system automatically updates your status and synchronises with your Outlook or Notes calendar entries. Your status remains current at all times; it can even enable and disable call forwarding and update the voicemail greeting.

You can choose whether presence status is to be offered throughout the organisation or within a department. The works council does not want statuses such as "Off sick" or "Holiday", for example. Or statuses such as "In paint shop" or "In workshop" should be used at a car dealership. Using XPhone Unified Communications , you can freely define or even fully deactivate your presence status if presence features are not requested. A real solution for business clients.


Instant Messaging


Do you need to send a discreet message to a co-worker during a conference call? Did an important visitor arrive early, and the boss is still on the phone? With Instant Messaging, you can effortlessly touch base with other people without interrupting their work.

Instant Messaging means real-time communication displaying the presence status of your colleagues. Therefore, it is particularly interesting for companies with several local or international locations if project teams are required to co-ordinate across various time zones. The worst-case scenario involves e-mails being delayed by up to one whole day. For example, when a message sent in the morning from the USA does not reach the respective contact in Europe until the next morning. Instant Messaging enables you to avoid such delays altogether.

Contacts can always be certain that their messages are read immediately and that replies can be practically sent in real time – ensuring swift response times which are so important in everyday business dealings. Instant Messaging is therefore an ideal supplement to your communication media.

You can decide who is to be allowed to use Instant Messaging features in your business. XPhone Unified Communications enables you to specify the features supporting you in practice.

Instant Messaging mit XPhone Unified Communications

Auto Attendant


First impressions on the phone are decisive. XPhone UC Auto Attendant is an automatic greeting and communication system representing your organisation in the form of professional greetings of high audio quality, noticeably relieving the strain on your switchboard while simultaneously improving service for your callers. 


Use date-controlled greetings to specify in advance whether your callers are to be welcomed with special greetings on the day of your company's event, on regional public holidays or even at Christmas, for example. Integrated communication features enable you to redirect callers calling a hotline on such days to a special emergency number. Greetings are activated automatically - on the basis of time profiles which you can configure.

Thanks to automatic analysis of the national code, you can activate individual greetings in the caller's respective language. On request, callers are then forwarded to an extension to be specified by you.

  • time and phone number-controlled greetings
  • multi-level voice menus
  • Interaction with callers (e.g. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service ...")
  • scalable: Up to 20 Auto Attendants take your calls in parallel.
  • greeting modules supplied in studio quality
  • Record your own individual greetings: Either via a special Web site and your phone or by uploading a WAV file.
  • can be used with practically any ISDN- or IP-based PBX
  • can be used as a stand-alone solution
XPhone UC Auto Attendant: Entlastung für Ihre Telefonzentrale

Switchboard and team workplace


XPhone Unified Communications represents an efficient and professional operator console for your company switchboard, individual departments (e.g. sales or service hotline) or for selected employees.



XPhone Team Panel is the ideal tool for your switchboard. Even when accepting calls, your employees see whether the respective party is available or has an appointment, and are always capable of providing reliable information. Calls are simply forwarded at a click of the mouse to the respective participant or his/her representative. 

Call Center

Apart from the extensive telephony functions and presence and call status displays for their colleagues, employees in inbound and outbound call centers also benefit from the possibilities associated with ACD control. With XPhone Team Panel, you are eminently equipped to organise your work processes in an individual manner. 

Right management

XPhone offers you sophisticated tried-and-tested rights management for teams and individual team members. Various role profiles (e.g. team managers, team assistants or team members) can be adapted individually. This also ensures your employees' privacy and data protection.


Presence & call status display

See your colleagues' current presence and call status at a glance and know who is present, out on business, on holiday or simply out of the office for a short time. The presence and call status can be set manually at any time or changes automatically as soon as you make a call or enter an appointment in your Outlook calendar. Individual calls forwarded which can be defined for each status are activated for your voicemail or a representative without requiring you to do so manually.

Extensive telephony functions

XPhone Team Panel provides you with an extensive range of telephony functions. Calls can be easily accepted at a click of the mouse and can be forwarded with or without prior querying. If a colleagues happens to be away from his desk, you can pick up calls at a click of the mouse to ensure that the caller receives support.

Calller ID & intelligent call routing

All of your callers are automatically identified on the basis of their number. In combination with XPhone Auto Attendant, you can welcome your callers in a time- and number-controlled manner with automatic messages in several languages and forward them directly to the right colleagues using voice dialogues (e.g. please press 1 for service"). This makes a good impression on your customers while relieving your colleagues at the switchboard. 

ACD control for telesales employees

Call center employees avail of the right tool in the form of XPhone Team Panel. Using ACD control (e.g. for Siemens HiPath PBXs), you can automatically or manually login to or out of the respective call group (telephone hotline), set your own status as available, not available or follow-up. With XPhone, the availability status in your call group is linked to your presence status and the Outlook calendar with the result that you are automatically deactivated from your call group whenever you have an appointment.

Cross-location & cross-PBX grouping 

XPhone enables you to depict all employees in your organisation via XPhone Team Panel, even when employees are distributed across several locations and PBxs of various manufacturers are used. You are free to design groups as you wish, e.g. by location, department, project team or individually.

Displays can be designed individually

XPhone Team Panel offers each employee the opportunity to group, sort and design his colleagues' displays as single or double lines.

Position anywhere on the screen

XPhone Team Panel can be positioned anywhere on the screen. It can be positioned anywhere on the monitor or anchored at the top, right- or left-hand edge of the monitor as well as faded in and out as required.

Instant messages, e-Mail & more

You can send instant messages (chat), text messages and e-mails directly from XPhone Team Panel in order to inform a colleague, for example, that a customer wishes to be called back.

Individually grouped 

XPhone Team Panel can be grouped individually, e.g. by location, department or project team, and employee displays designed as required. Employees working in various teams or conducting calls with the same colleagues are therefore able to arrange their contacts in line with their individual requirements.


Text messages

XPhone UC integrates text messages in company communications and workflows enabling you to send text messages directly from your computer.
You can send text messages to one or more recipients, specify the time to be sent and use text message templates integrated in your business processes. 


Sending text messages

XPhone Unified Communications integrates seamlessly in the user interface of your Outlook or Notes enabling text messages to be sent directly from your e-mail programme.  

Additionally you can use the XPhone UC Commander to create new text messages: Simply click the respective contact and enter the message. 

Optimize processes

XPhone UC enables you to actively integrate text messages in your business processes. You can use text message templates for this. For example, a template requesting callback, confirmation of appointments or call notes. All of the requisite information is easily entered in the text message. Simply at a click of the mouse.

SMS Serviceprovider

When sending or receiving text messages, XPhone UC uses either your mobile phone gateway or one or more service-providers or mobile phone operators of your choice. We recommend sending text messages via a Web-based text message provider as this ensures that an individual sender number can also be entered and various tariff models can be selected for sending the text messages.

Your benefits

Individual sender ID

When sending a text message, a new sender number can be indicated (depending on the provider). Simply enter your mobile number as the sender when sending a text message from your PC and all text message replies will automatically be sent to your mobile phone.

Text message notification

You can automatically receive notification by text message of faxes or voice messages received in your voicemail box.

Specify transmission time

You can specify in each case whether the text message is to be sent immediately or at a certain time.

Text message circular

If you wish to inform several colleagues or clients at the same time, you can simply send a serial text message.

Notification of sent messages

XPhone Unified Communications informs you by e-mail as soon as the text message has been accepted by the text message provider.


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