XPhone Express

Please note: The marketing of XPhone Express was discontinued on 30.06.2018. 
We will inform you shortly about "XPhone Connect Smart" - our new UC solution for SMEs.


A single user interface for all telephony functions


Swap holds and callback

Alternate (swap hold) between lines or initiate a consultation simply at a click of the mouse.

Forwarding calls

Calls can be forwarded to any number, regardless of whether you have already picked up the call or not.

Conference calls

Conference calls have never been easier. Using XPhone Express, simply enter the name of the person you wish to call and press the "Dial" button.


Making calls

The XPhone Express Client provides you with access to all contact data, regardless of whether it is stored locally or centrally. Other phone numbers (mobile, home office etc.) are also swiftly at hand. Simply enter the name of the person you wish to call and press the "Dial" button. 

XPhone Express Client: Contact search

Two views for any application

The user interface can be easily reduced from a full view to a compact view as well as being positioned wherever you want it on the monitor or even faded out altogether. And it's always available whenever you need it at a keystroke.


All contacts at hand

Instead of searching through various programmes and directories for your contacts' numbers, all that XPhone Express requires is a click to browse through all connected data bases. Simply enter the name, company or department of the person you wish to call. 

Making calls with hotkeys

Make calls from practically any application using hotkeys. Select the number you wish to call and then press the [ALT]+[F12] key combination, for example. Your phone immediately dials this number. XPhone Express 2011 thereby offers you an integration option in practically all external systems. All conventional phone number formats are supported which means you do not need to worry about how phone numbers are put together.

Automatic caller identification

All of your callers are automatically identified on the basis of their phone numbers. XPhone automatically lets you know who is calling and even shows you a photo of the caller if your locally connected Outlook contacts contain photos. And it's up to you to decide what information you wish to see on any individual caller.


Telephony integration

XPhone Express integrates seamlessly in your applications and processes. On request, your customer data base (CRM), ERP or help desk system open immediately with all of the data available on your caller if your software avails of the corresponding interfaces. Enabling you to design your workflows individually and conveniently, saving time searching for contact data and thereby improving your customer service as you can handle your caller's problems much faster.

XPhone Express: Actions

Call journal

The call journal provides you with an overview of when calls were conducted with whom as well as what calls remain to be made. Unfamiliar phone numbers can be imported directly as new contacts in your address book.

Planning calls

Are you unable to reach your contact person? Using the scheduled call function, you can be reminded 30 minutes later or on any date of your choice.


Integration in Microsoft Outlook


XPhone Express allows seamless telephony integration for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. In future, make phone calls at a click of the mouse and easily browse through all address books in your Outlook client – regardless of which data base or address book the data comes from. Phone book CD data can also be integrated.

Inbound callers are identified by way of their phone number and the accompanying Outlook contact mask is automatically displayed.

The XPhone Express tool bar integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft Outlook interface. Access phone functions directly from e-mails, contacts, appointments and tasks. Via the e-mail address, XPhone Express communicates the phone numbers stored on the contact and starts calls directly from the Outlook user interface.

You can create new appointments or access your co-workers' Outlook calendars during calls. And it's just as easy to create new tasks and delegate them at a click of the mouse. 

XPhone Express CTI & contact data integration in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook journals

XPhone Express can utilise personal and public Microsoft Outlook journals. This provides you with a history of calls conducted with a respective contact and you can also make this information available to other co-workers. Calls received when you are out of the office and all call details are displayed as an e-mail in your inbox.

Accessing external address books from Outlook

You can browse through all linked address books from Microsoft Outlook. Regardless of the format in which they are set up. Access is also possible to address books stored locally or centrally – entirely without importing. Contact data records can be opened and edited in Outlook followed by saving them again in the original data base. If the caller is stored in an Outlook contact folder, the accompanying Outlook contact data record can open automatically in the event of a call.


Connecting address books


Connect up to 10 address books

Up-to-date contact data is a basis for successful business dealings. And such data needs to be available at short notice. But how long does it really take until you have found the right contact? Via open interfaces, XPhone Express can be linked in parallel with up to ten address books of any format. And it makes no difference whether you connect the data sources locally or access them centrally and entirely without importing in a server address book.

XPhone Express: Connecting adress books

Setup wizard

Using the integrated data base wizard, you can connect new contact data bases or phone book CDs at only a few clicks of the mouse. Simply link the fields without programming via the Drag & Drop function. Up to 5 phone number fields are supported for each contact. Then you can browse specifically through individual address books or all address books at the same time.

No data adaptation required

All standard national and international phone number formats are recognised with the result that you do not need to make any adaptations in the contacts you have saved. 

Access distributed contact data

XPhone Express also supports connection to XPhone Virtual Directory. This enables you to centrally connect various data bases and applications (e.g. address stocks in CRM and ERP systems) while offering additional advanced search options as well as high-performance search functions. 


Connecting to your PBX


Connect nearly any PBX

XPhone Express works with all brand-name PBX systems. The XPhone Express Client is connected either directly via the phone or the network with the PBX. A wizard ensures easy and swift commissioning as early as the software installation stage.

Connection via CSTA & uaCSTA

Direct connection to Siemens OpenScape Office, HiPath 3000, Cisco UC 500 and CallManager Express systems is particularly easy. By using the CSTA protocol at Siemens (up to 6 simultaneous users) or the uaCSTA protocol at Cisco, no additional TAPI driver is required. Indicating the PBX IP address suffices. This makes set-up easier and you are not dependent on the availability of 32/64 Bit TAPI drivers.

Connecting via TAPI

XPhone Express can be connected to practically all brand-name PBX systems or phones via TAPI if a corresponding TAPI driver is available. Perfect - via TAPI, XPhone Express 2011 can be connected to practically all brand-name PBX systems.


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