XPhone Entry

XPhone Entry was provided free of charge with some telephone systems in the Siemens 
HiPath series. Development and support of XPhone Entry have now been completely discontinued. With XPhone Express, however, a cost-effective successor with a wide range of features is available. 


Why should you upgrade?

  • XPhone Express offers numerous improvements and 
    a completely new user interface
  • Product development has been discontinued
  • Technical support is no longer available.
  • No support for current operating systems

Purchase upgrade

An upgrade from XPhone Entry to XPhone Express 
can be obtained from your dealer.


What's new in XPhone Express


New user interface and improved operation

Graphical user interface

The user interface has been completely redesigned and allows easy and intuitive operation. The Express Client can be operated either in full view or in compact view.

Improved call journal

XPhone Express provides you with a searchable call journal. This gives you a complete overview of all phone calls. Performance has also been improved, so that even with many entries quick access is possible.

Application integration

New example rules for the integration of applications such as route planners, hotel search, phone number search etc. are already included in XPhone Express 2011 and give an overview of the many possibilities for application integration.


Favourites list

Frequently used contacts can now be saved under Favourites and grouped as desired.

Caller popup with photo display

If you have photos of your contacts in your Outlook Address Book they will be displayed in the call popup.

All phone numbers in direct access

XPhone Express provides you with all associated phone numbers for every contact so you can decide whether you want to call in the office, on the mobile phone or in the home office.


Technical innovations

Easy setup

The installation and setup of the software is very easy thanks to the integrated installation assistant. XPhone Express is installed and connected to the PBX and your address books in minutes and can be used immediately.

XPhone Virtual Directory

The integration of  XPhone Virtual Directory allows quick and easy access to all company contacts – even if they are spread across different locations, databases or special applications. The contact details are then provided in a unified form as a central company address book for XPhone Express.

Direct connection via CSTA and uaCSTA

Siemens HiPath 3000 PBXs and OpenScape Office systems can be connected directly via CSTA interface. The Cisco systems UC 500 and CallManager Express can be connected directly via uaCSTA. A TAPI driver is no longer required for direct connection, the specification of an IP address is sufficient.


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