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On average, employees spend 1/4 of their working day searching for information. Save yourself this time! With XPhone Connect you'll find every contact in a fraction of a second. Whether it's in your personal Outlook folder, the CRM system or in the phone book. And the best thing is: every incoming caller is reliably identified based on the same data. So you already know at the first ring whether an important customer is waiting at the other end or if it is just an advertising call.

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In every company there are countless databases in which contact data are maintained. With XPhone Connect you bundle all data sources - company-wide and across locations - and make all contacts available via free-text search.

In practice, this means: simply enter the first name, last name, company or department of your contact in the search field of your Client. In seconds you'll see all the contacts that match your query - regardless of whether the records are stored in e.g. Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or SAP. 

Also available mobile

With the Mobile App you can also access the contacts from all connected data sources while on the go. Because the data are not stored on the smartphone itself, they are also protected if the phone should fall into the wrong hands. 

Caller are reliably identified on the first ring

Caller ID

Always be well prepared: based on all connected data sources, every call is reliably identified. So you can see who awaits you as soon as the phone rings. With the XPhone Connect Dashboard you can also view all relevant information about the caller - e.g. the customer number, payment terms or open orders.


Functions at a glance

  • Free-text search (e.g. by first name, last name, company etc.)
  • Caller ID
  • Real-time access without data replication
  • High-performance search thanks to data indexing
  • Cache for relieving original data sources
  • Access via a variety of applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) and devices (telephones, smartphones, PBXs)
  • Proximity search
  • Central administration
  • Data base prioritisation
  • Automatic standardisation of phone numbers
  • Permissions based on Active Directory user and security groups


Other data sources  and industry solutions on request.


Contact data for Cisco, Skype & Co.


Already have a UC solution but don't want to miss out on the advantages of the XPhone Connect Directory? No problem. 

Use XPhone Connect as an expansion solution and transform your existing UC client into a highly efficient contact search engine. Including database-wide free-text search and caller ID.

Learn more:

XPhone Connect Directory: Zuverlässige Anrufer-Identifizierung

Availability in real-time - without data replication

XPhone does not replicate your data. You access the original sources directly - and can thus be sure that the data are always up-to-date. A special data index relieves the connected systems and ensures a high-performance search.

The telephone number index is multi-location enabled: the contact search is thus initially at your own location. The databases can also be prioritised so that e.g. first a search is done in personal contacts and only then in the phone book. 

Access permissions

You decide who is allowed to access which data sources. Particularly convenient: assign permissions based on existing Active Directory user and security groups. Additionally you can allow specific groups or users to access individual data sources.

You can also differentiate within a contact data record: centrally control which employees or which departments are allowed to see which detailed information from the connected data sources. So individual departments see e.g. all contact information, while only the phone number is visible to other departments.


You don't care where your contact’s number is stored. What is important is that you find the number quickly. With XPhone Connect you can search all data sources simultaneously. Search criteria such as first name, last name, company name or city can be combined flexibly or also exclude certain criteria. Thanks to proximity search, even entering only part of the name in the search box is sufficient to achieve appropriate results.

Use as an LDAP server

You can use the contact search not only in the XPhone Client and the Mobile App but also on all LDAP-enabled devices & applications, e.g.:

  • Microsoft Outlook address book
  • Cisco Jabber & Cisco IP-Phones
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Client
  • Unify OpenStage 60/80 phones
  • Apple iOS address book
  • SwyxIt! Softphone
  • UC solutions from third-party providers

Automatic standardisation

Depending on the application, contact data are stored in different formats. In particular, phone numbers are often stored in "local" formats (e.g. area code-phone number without country code or internal phone numbers). 

The XPhone Connect Directory automatically standardises the data and puts them in a uniform format. Without changing the source data. 


Central administration

Zentrale Administration via Drag & Drop

The XPhone Connect Directory is administered centrally via an intuitive interface. The databases can be connected with a configuration assistant in three easy steps. 

1. Add new date source 
e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Telefonbuch, Outlook, Notes etc.

2. Link database fields
Mapping of the database fields, e.g.  Name, Company, Phone number etc.

3. Add new client interface
e.g. XPhone Connect, Skype for Business, SwyxIt!, Cisco Jabber etc.

For many standard applications the XPhone Directory already provides the corresponding field links. You can connect new data sources easily via drag & drop. If required you can also assign, link or split the databases multiple times or also set up custom fields. 




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