Communications Solution to Work from Home

How to Create an Efficient Environment for Home Office

Technology is the basic requirement for running a business from home as efficiently as from the office.
However, finding and implementing a suitable communications solution is quite a hurdle.
Thus, many companies still find it difficult to enable their employees to work from home.
The solution is a UC software that is easy to implement and also integrates hotlines.

Setting up your workplace at home with the software XPhone Connect

"With XPhone Connect, we rolled out softphones for 600 employees in just one weekend.
This way we are always available on our extension, regardless of the workplace."

Peter Frimmel ǀ Traunstein District Office


Remote Communication – with Clients and Colleagues

When the home office becomes the default workplace, this has a major impact on business processes as well as working styles of employees. Questions arise, such as: Will teamwork suffer from the distance? Will customer communication run smoothly? And what about hotlines and help desks if people do not sit in a call centre but at home? The need for location-independent communication and collaboration is inevitably gaining importance. In the current situation, it is crucial to quickly set up a CTI solution that is both flexible and affordable: The UC solution XPhone Connect can be integrated into existing infrastructures, as it is compatible with numerous PBX systems – even in exotic scenarios. Here you get an overview of how XPhone can improve your business communications.

Mit XPhone Connect meeten, chatten und telefonieren

Softphone: Calls without a phone

  • No hardware phone required: calls in HD audio quality just with PC, headset and VPN
  • All contacts are also available in the home office via free text search – whether from Outlook, CRM or ERP system
  • Full telephony functions: call, reject, end, forward, consult, hold, mute
  • Applicable with almost all end devices, whether the connection is via USB, Bluetooth or jack
  • One-number-feature: regardless of location and device used, you are always available under the office extension. Likewise, when you are calling someone, only the office number is displayed to the other party
  • Effortlessly switch between different devices, e.g. from headset to loudspeaker
  • Fully operational – both in terminal server environments and in virtualised environments

Distribute hotline calls to colleagues in the home office

  • Call management that is significantly less complex and costly than a call centre solution, yet offers far more than a simple ACD or group call
  • Maximum efficiency and optimal service through intelligent call distribution to a team
  • Decentralised control of complex hotlines and collective lines, and the ability to assemble teams across locations and PBXs
  • Set up any number of hotlines and define distribution strategies, business hours, thresholds, and follow-up times for each hotline
  • Work independently of location and device with Softphone or AnyDevice
  • Integrated communication instead of a stand-alone solution: hotline employees use the same client as their colleagues and are fully integrated into the company's communications system
  • Analytics enables the evaluation of call volume, availability and waiting times: clear and intuitive in the web browser
Hotline-Anrufe auf Mitarbeiter im Homeoffice verteilen

Are you looking for an intuitive and effective communications solution that works exceptionally well if you work from home?
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Work with XPhone in the home office

Meet, chat and call with XPhone

  • Whether your business contacts are stored in Outlook, CRM or ERP systems: have all contacts at hand, even via the mobile app, and still stored on the server in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Screen sharing with up to 25 participants directly from the XPhone client
  • Bi-directional presence sync with Microsoft Teams: XPhone recognises Teams meetings and automatically redirects calls
  • Intuitive business chat between colleagues and also with external contacts, including chat journal
  • Presence management: thanks to automated calendar synchronisation and the Team Panel, you always know which colleague is available
  • Mobile app with privacy-compliant access to contacts, meetings and chats
  • Investment protection: vendor-independent solution that is compatible with numerous telephony systems
Telefonieren ohne Telefon – mit Softphone
Datenschutzkonform kommunizieren mit XPhone

Data-protection-compliant communication with XPhone

  • Contacts are made availabe in compliance with data protection regulations and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Data is stored exclusively on the company's own server (on-premises)
  • Data-protection-compliant display of relevant data such as customer number, payment due date or open orders in the dashboard
  • Mobile use: no data is stored on the smartphone. Contacts are thus protected from theft and access by apps such as WhatsApp and others
  • Use of the private landline phone or smartphone in the home office without revealing the private number
  • Presence management with automatic calendar synchronisation: each user can individually decide which of his or her data can be viewed by colleagues

Checklist for Your Communication in the Home Office

Today, companies are required to create remote workplaces more than ever before and are thus faced with major challenges. These include data protection and server issues as well as the hardware and software for employees. Unified communications solutions play a key role in keeping employees motivated and maintaining team structure – albeit virtually. C4B's UC solution XPhone Connect combines computer telephony, softphone, business chat, meetings, screen sharing, presence management and hotline operation. Thanks to XPhone, many government agencies and companies were able to send their employees to their safe home offices within a few days right at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. To ensure that your move to remote work is also a success, we provide you with the following home office checklist.


Which internet connection do I need?

Depending on the employees' tasks, a download rate of 50 Mbit/s and an upload rate of 10 Mbit/s are recommended. This ensures a smooth functionality of internet telephony as well as voice mails and screen sharing. For the latter in particular, the upload rate must not be too low; 1 Mbit/s is not sufficient for this.

How can I access all business contacts at home in a data-protection-compliant manner?

Contact data is the heart of all communication. Uncomplicated access saves time and nerves every day. XPhone offers a directory service that bundles contacts from various data sources such as Outlook, ERP and CRM systems and makes them available via free text search.

Unlike common cloud products, the data is stored exclusively on your own server. This means that employees can access contacts from anywhere – also via app – while they are securely protected from third-party access.

How do I make calls in the home office?

PC, headset, VPN and internet are all you need to handle phone calls in your home office – even in HD audio. With the XPhone Connect telephony software, softphone and thus all telephony functions are available without a hardware telephone.

No matter where you are, in the office, home office or hotel: You can always be reached under your office extension. The person you are talking to will see your office number. If your employees share a workstation in the office, they can always be reached under their extension number with the softphone – regardless of their desk.

Softphone can be used with almost all end devices. You can find an overview of our supported headsets here: supported headsets

Do I need a headset for mobile work?

The availability of headsets during the Corona crisis was and sometimes still is quite unsure. With XPhone Connect, you can work without a headset. The feature AnyDevice enables you to use a private landline or cell phone. This works without your employees having to send their private numbers or incur any costs.

Your call partner is always shown your office number (one-number feature) and the telephony costs are automatically billed to the company.

AnyDevice allows to set up the communication for the home office quickly and inexpensively without any additional investment in expensive infrastructure.

How does the hotline work in the home office?

Today, it is almost mandatory that individual employees are able to manage their workday from home. However, it becomes really complex when hotlines and collective lines have to be distributed. This is possible with XPhone Connect TeamDesk. The feature allows you to set up teams across locations and PBXs: Set up as many hotlines as you like and define distribution strategies, business hours, thresholds and follow-up times for each hotline.

Employees in the hotline can use Softphone or AnyDevice just like all other XPhone users and can thus work completely location-independently. Thanks to TeamDesk, the city of Deggendorf has succeeded in sending all its employees to their home offices, even though 90 per cent of the calls that reach the authority every day are received on collective lines. Read the complete case study here: "With XPhone againstCovid-19"

How do I see if my colleagues are available?

Especially in the home office, it is important to communicate presences and absences. XPhone Connect's presence management serves this purpose. Whether you want to connect a customer or need a short feedback: With the presence management, you can see at a glance which colleagues are available, who is in an appointment, who is on the phone or has activated call forwarding. The automatic calendar synchronisation keeps the status up-to-date. You can also adjust this manually, even on the go via mobile app.

In a separate Team Panel, you can flexibly compile the colleagues with whom you work particularly intensively. A quick glance is all it takes to know whether a call is worthwhile or whether chat or e-mail is the better way of interaction. If you need feedback from a colleague who is not at the desk at the moment, you can activate the "info when available" function. This way you know directly when your colleague has time for you.

How can teamwork be kept up in the home office?

In everyday office, it often just needs a quick question to the group to solve small problems such as finding a file on the server or understanding the usage of a programme. When colleagues are spread across the country, this is likely to be more difficult. To strengthen teamwork and enable mutual help, however, there are useful tools for virtual collaboration.

Business chat is of great importance, and every team should open it in the morning to discuss general matters or just to wish each other a good morning. Features like Screen-Sharing replace the look over your shoulder to quickly help a colleague. Meeting features allow the team to confer and share thoughts on a presentation.

We use Microsoft Teams for video meetings. Can this be combined with XPhone?

Microsoft Teams was introduced by many companies during the Covid-19 pandemic to enable video telephony for employees. The problem: While Teams is used for internal exchanges and video sessions, telephony to the public telephone network is generally left out for cost reasons. This is why it happens now and then that the phone starts ringing during an important video meeting.

XPhone remedies that: Thanks to bidirectional telephony and presence sync with Microsoft Teams, both clients recognise calls. Incoming calls are automatically diverted to voice mail or a colleague during a Teams meeting. Conversely, no Teams calls are received while an employee is on the phone via XPhone.


Get to know XPhone Connect

Find all features and functions at a glance
in our XPhone Connect brochure.

A Reliable Hotline

The Traunstein District Office uses TeamDesk for the appointment hotline
of the vaccination center. "The hotline runs absolutely stable and reliable.
Thanks to Analytics, we know when the call load is particularly high."


Managing Calls from Home

"The pandemic meant significantly more work for us.
Without the possibility of managing the collective lines
from home, it wouldn't have worked."


A Reliable Hotline

The Traunstein District Office uses TeamDesk for the appointment hotline
of the vaccination center. "The hotline runs absolutely stable and reliable.
Thanks to Analytics, we know when the call load is particularly high."


Managing Calls from Home

"The pandemic meant significantly more work for us.
Without the possibility of managing the collective lines
from home, it wouldn't have worked."



Our Tools to Work from Home




XPhone Connect makes telephony easier than ever: no matter if you want to make, accept, forward or swap hold calls – all it takes is a click.

More about CTI




With the softphone, you only need a PC, headset and Internet to use all UC functions everywhere -
without a hardware phone.

More about Softphone




Whether in the home office or the hotel: thanks to AnyDevice you can use all computer telephony features with any landline or mobile phone.

More about AnyDevice

Mobile App

Mobile App


With the native App for iOS & Android you can communicate mobile just as comfortably as in the office – and always have all the contact data to hand. 

More about Mobile App

Conference Call Server



Schedule conference calls with a click in your Outlook or Notes calandar. The conference call is controlled directly via the XPhone Connect Client.

More about conference calls




A picture says more than 1,000 words. Screen-Sharing makes it easier than ever to coordinate with colleagues –if required including conference calls and chat.

More about Screen-Sharing




You can also share your screen with external contacts via web meeting. Your guests simply open the meeting in their browser without any plugin.

More about Web-Meeting

Business Chat



Chats are often the shortest way to reach colleagues. Coordinate with your team easily in the group chat – and continue your chat seamlessly via Mobile App.

More about Chat




Whether ERP, CRM, Outlook or Das Telefonbuch: With XPhone Connect, all contact data are available via free-text search – naturally mobile as well.

More about Contacts




With TeamDesk you can ensure that incoming calls are optimally distributed to a team. Your gain: maximum efficiency & optimal service.

More about TeamDesk

Presence Management



Whether in the Client, Outlook & Notes or the Mobile App: Thanks to automatic calendar syncing you can always see at a glance which colleagues are available. 

More about presence management




Maximum overview: With the Team-Panel you have the presence and availability of all colleagues in view – and can connect callers even faster & more accurately.

More about Team-Panel


Best Practice: Making Home Office a Success

In the home office and still close to the citizen

A new communications solution was selected with great care at the Traunstein district office. They wanted to be prepared for the future and create the basis for modern workplace concepts. Then Covid-19 came along and the perceived investment in the future turned out to be the equipment that was needed right now.

When the lockdown loomed, the first question to IT was, "Can we send colleagues to the home office?" It was a question that Peter Frimmel and his colleagues in IT were able to answer quickly: "Yes, we can."

The most important issue was to ensure communication: "As a district office, our telephone load is above average at all times," Frimmel reports. "But in times of crisis, the administration is especially challenged to keep an open ear for citizens." In just one weekend, the IT department converted all of the administration's communications to softphones.

Read the case study

Bürgernähe trotz Homeoffice mit XPhone in Traunstein
"Our telephone load is above average at all times. But in a crisis, the administration is especially challenged to have an open ear for the citizens."

Peter Frimmel
Traunstein District Office
Hotline-Management mit XPhone in Deggendorf
"The best thing about XPhone is that citizens don't realise whether their contact is in the office or in the home office."

Thomas Seidl
City of Deggendorf

Hotline operation with XPhone in the City of Deggendorf

The city of Deggendorf used XPhone Connect to fight the Corona crisis: The communications solution not only enabled the central organisation and coordination of a uniform click-and-collect concept for the city's retail trade. It also enabled the majority of the employees to work from home.

Although the city had equipped almost the entire agency with softphones and headsets since the first Covid-19 wave, it was never possible for more than 30 employees to work in the home office. This was because around 90 per cent of the calls are received via collective lines, which until then tied employees to their office desks.

The solution to this problem was the TeamDesk hotline management: Employees can log into hotlines and take calls regardless of their location. As a result, the IT department could enable the entire administration department and all other areas that are not open to the public to work remote.

Read the case study


XPhone is your communications solution to work from home efficiently!
Contact us at any time for a free consultation.

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C4B Mitarbeiter im Homeoffice
C4B Mitarbeiter im Homeoffice

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