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XPhone Connect for Skype for Business

XPhone Connect enables you to extend Skype for Business to include numerous valuable functions.
Connect various data sources such as ERP or CRM systems:
All contacts are available directly in the Skype client via free text search and are simultaneously used for caller identification.

Contact data integration 
Supported data sources 
Supported Skype versions

XPhone Connect Directory

Skype for Business Logo

Using the XPhone Connect Directory, practically any data source can be connected to Skype for Business. The result: whether ERP, CRM or cloud service – all data sources are available directly in the Skype client via free-text search, whereby both advanced searches can be carried out and exclusion criteria defined. The original file is always accessed; data is not replicated. The permissions can be assigned based on Active Directory users and security groups. Applications are integrated without programming: via Drag & Drop, any data fields can be assigned in the XPhone Connect Directory and made available centrally for all Skype clients (Windows, MAC & mobile).

But not only company contacts are of relevance for everyday tasks. Whether you are looking for a hotel or a car hire company, XPhone permits access to the entire Telefonbuch Deutschland, thereby making more than 30 million official contact data items available in the Skype client. This data is simultaneously used as caller ID: for reliable identification even of callers who have not been previously stored in any company data base.



  • Flexible free-text search (by first name / surname, department, company, phone number, extension etc.) in the Windows client, in the mobile app and on LDAP-enabled telephones 1, 2
  • Caller ID on the Windows Client
  • Search prefix for identifying parameters
  • Search prefixes for searching public and private contacts
  • Prioritisation of search results by data base
  • Proximity search


  • Plug & play start-up
  • Intuitive administration interface
  • Importing & exporting settings
  • No client installation
  • Permissions based on Active Directory user & security groups


  • Direct access to original data
  • High-performance index with cache for swift data search
  • Phone number index with multiple location capacity
  • Prioritisation of data bases
  • Automatic standardisation of phone numbers

Data base connection

  • Number of data sources: 10 (extensible)
  • Multiple allocation of data fields
  • Aggregation of data fields
  • Mapping wizard for easy linking of source data (Drag & Drop)
  • Pre-configured field links for various standard applications
  • Customised data fields
Kontaktsuche mit XPhone Connect im Skype for Business Client

1 - On LDAP-enabled phones, access to personal contacts is only possible when user authentication is supported by the device.
2 - Compatibility and functional scope are dependent on the LDAP phone used.

Data sources supported (examples)

  • Active Directory
  • ODBC
  • XPhone Connect server users
  • Microsoft Outlook: public contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook: private contact folder 1
  • Microsoft Outlook: shared contact folder
  • HCL Notes: public contacts
  • HCL Notes: private contacts 1
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Salesforce
  • SAP R3
  • Das Telefonbuch Deutschland
  • The Swiss telephone book ETV
  • CSV / TXT

1 - On LDAP-enabled phones, access to personal contacts is only possible when user authentication is supported by the device.



Contact data integration

Presence Syncing

Microsoft Teams

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Skype for Business 2019

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For more information, see XPhone Connect & Microsoft Teams


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