Stahlgruber: Intelligent presence management

"XPhone is intuitive, transparent and very easy to use."


The XPhone CTI and presence functions are used at 500 workplaces in the most diverse departments. What particularly appealed to staff is the way it can be connected to their Outlook calendars. This ensures that they no longer have to concern themselves with call diversions if they have an appointment or are out of the office. 

The fact that XPhone UC synchronises with the calendar, and activates and deactivates call diversions, presence status and even voicemail messages if required, is something that pleases customers and the company's partners alike. It is now much easier for them to reach a particular contact, or else they are connected directly to a deputy or a mobile phone. 

"Intuitive, transparent and very easy to use," is how Christian Czech, director of the Networks Department at Stahlgruber GmbH in Poing near Munich, sums it up. 

Furthermore, XPhone UC is more economical in comparison with other presence solutions and meets all the company's requirements. 


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