Work from anywhere & still be present

"Once installed and set up, you don't want to give XPhone away anymore."

"Before the introduction of XPhone, our hotline staff always had to take the IP phone with them to work from home. With XPhone, their notebook is enough to be reachable everywhere and to be able to operate the hotline. Those who do not want to do without their hardware telephone in the office can still use all the functions (even at home).

Thanks to presence management and team panel, everyone can see who is currently available, who may have left the workplace for a short time, or who is on holiday or at school. And this is possible both on the PC and in the app on the smartphone.

XPhone does a synchronisation with Microsoft Teams, that is why you are not bothered by calls during a Teams meeting anymore. The presence status is automatically synchronised and the appropriate redirection is set during the meeting.

Our trainees also benefit from XPhone. In the past, they used to change their extensions the whole time. Now they keep their personal extension throughout their training and take it with them from department to department.

XPhone opens up new possibilities that we haven’t used completely yet, e.g. the connection to our CRM and ERP system.

I myself love the "briefly absent" function: as a system administrator, I am constantly at different locations of the company. As soon as I lock the screen, the redirection to the mobile phone is set.

Before introducing XPhone, we tested the software in self-study. The selected group of people was able to use the software directly without any special training.

Whereas with our previous solution there was a confusing licensing structure, with XPhone this is simple and clear.

Once installed and set up, you don't want to give the software away anymore."

Benjamin Wagner
IT Systems Administrator

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