Telefónica O2: XPhone UC on 2500 workplaces


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Telefónica O2 has equipped more than 2000 workplaces with XPhone UC. One particular advantage is the seamless integration of the CTI and presence management functions in Lotus Notes. XPhone solutions can also be used to realise the requirements for the high availability of the system, so special services for VIP customers are ensured.  

XPhone Unified Communications binds the most diverse address books and telephone directories via open interfaces. Not only can this connection be used to find contact details quickly and for the automatic identification of callers and the senders of fax messages, but it also makes it easier to produce emails, faxes and letters.

Central and local templates (e.g. from Microsoft Word) that are already in the desired format and, if required, include ready-to-use text modules, are simply incorporated. A click on the call mask, a journal entry or a contact record is all it takes for XPhone UC to fill the selected template with the recipient's details and, if required, add the sender details of a specific member of staff. 

Not only does the connection make it much easier to process routine correspondence, but at the same time it ensures that all members of staff use the correct templates.

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • Lotus Notes
XPhone: Mobile Lösungen

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