Messe Basel: Efficient communications solution for better customer service

"XPhone UC is a fabulous and extremely versatile tool."


The project

In the marketing mix, trade fairs are considered the ultimate in communications platforms. No other instrument offers such intensive exchanges among specialists on such a compact area and in such a short period of time. MCH Messe Schweiz AG in Basel meets this claim internally as well, and has integrated XPhone Unified Communications into its existing infrastructure in order to achieve more effective customer communications.

As its existing CTI solution did not support the new Windows operating systems Vista and Windows 7, or Microsoft OCS, MCH Messe Basel started looking for an alternative solution that was both flexible and affordable.

Unified Communications-Lösung für die Messe Basel

"I am completely satisfied with XPhone UC and the whole project, from the organisation and technical features to the stability.

Staff were immediately able to use the solution productively, and grasped the operating principle instinctively."

Andy Osterwalder, Telecommunication and Mobile Devices
MCH Messe Basel

Products used

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • Siemens HiPath 4000 and Siemens HiCom 350e

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