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MAN Turbo: Full speed for communications


The project

Eingesetzte Produkte


XPhone UC for Zurich Swisscom customer MAN Turbo. More than 650 workplaces are benefiting from high-performance CTI functions – and the voicemail module is also being used.

Hundred percent service, zero percent delay: the XPhone UC voicemail functions ensure that staff at MAN Turbo in Switzerland receive voice messages as quickly as possible. Voicemails are sent as emails with WAV attachments directly to the recipient's mailbox, where the integrated voicemail player can also play them by phone or PC.

As XPhone UC can easily use open interfaces to include the existing company address books, the system can identify callers by their phone number and display it with the incoming mail. This makes prioritising easy even with lots of new voice messages. Staff can also receive SMS notifications of new voicemails when they are out and about and access them remotely. 

  • XPhone Unified Communications
Realisiert mit C4B-Partner Swisscom

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