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Being there for the citizen in the home office

The Traunstein District Office had chosen a new communication solution with great consideration.
They wanted to be prepared for the future and create the basis for modern workplace concepts.
Then came Corona: And the investment in the future turns out to be a valuable tool for the pandemic.


As the lockdown becomes apparent, the first question to IT: "Can we send our colleagues to the home office?" A question that Peter Frimmel and his colleagues from the IT department can answer quickly: "Yes, we can do this." The IT team from the district office in Traunstein has already gained a lot of experience with home offices in the past. But due to the Corona crisis, the topic "home office" suddenly takes on a whole new Dimensions: Many processes had to be converted within a very short time will be.

Background: Due to the distance regulation, each office was only allowed one more employee. This was only possible if one third of the staff to the home office. For IT, this not only means that every day, around 200 employees work at their desks at home. Since the employees take turns, about 600 jobs have to be created at one go "home office fit."

The fact that the Office has already been working almost nationwide with the digital file, an important requirement is already fulfilled. The most urgent The topic now is the securing of communication: "As a district office, our telephone load is above average at all times," reports Frimmel. "But In times of crisis, the administration is particularly challenged to listen to the public and for the citizens." In just one weekend, the IT department the entire communication of the administration to softphone.

"The advantage of the softphone is clear: each employee is independent always reachable under his extension from his place of work", explains Frimmel. This way, citizens don't notice any difference between their call to the office and home office. "Thanks to softphones, a home office headset and PC for telephoning. And also in the office, colleagues can practically set any desk you want," says Frimmel. "That gives us the necessary Flexibility to comply with the distance rules."

Flexibility thanks to softphone

In fact, flexibility was also the goal, which is why Frimmel originally for which softphone had made him strong. In the selection of a new communication solution, the district office decided to use the Unified Communications Software XPhone Connect "For us, two points were The decisive factor: the extremely flexible softphone that XPhone has on board. And that the manufacturer C4B comes from the region," emphasizes Frimmel. "The direct A connection to the manufacturer is a great benefit for us: Many of our requirements were directly implemented."

The softphone was intended on the one hand, to "outposts" of to the district administrator's office: Thanks to the softphone, even colleagues who have 40 km away at the county border, with the same area code. To others, the offices of the District Office are currently spread over several buildings. Are there several employees who, for example, work part-time or work regularly in the home office, a desk, can be reduce costs significantly in the future.

A strategy that is now paying off much faster than expected. Thanks to XPhone, Peter Frimmel can provide all employees with a softphone and this without touching a single workstation computer to must. "The XPhone client has already been installed on almost installed," says Frimmel. "We only had to administration interface to activate the authorization."

After a one-week test phase, the Traunstein District Office is going into the live operation. And in times of Corona, this brings new challenges with themselves. "Meanwhile, at the Health Department. from other faculties and medical students to support the tracking of corona infections," said Frimmel. Thanks to of the "AnyDevice Only" option, XPhone users do not need a CTI line: This way set up the additional employees completely without a hardware telephone and they can start right away.

Presence management: The colleagues still in view

But not only a functioning telephony is crucial. Through the new work situation, presence management replaces the quick glance into the Neighbouring office: For example, in the team panel, employees can see whether a colleague is currently in an appointment or on the phone. "When I showed the colleagues that they can be informed automatically via popup if a colleague is available again, they were very enthusiastic," says a delighted Frimmel.

Another feature that makes teamwork possible despite spatial separation is the screen sharing. With just one click share your own screen and, if required, mouse and keyboard control handed over. A function that the IT team has been using for the helpdesk so far and which now contributes to the fact that colleagues who no longer share an office can have a common look at the screen. Also The chat function is helpful for quick coordination within the team.

Of course one hopes also in Traunstein for a soon Return to "normal" working mode. But thanks to digital files and a modern communication solution, the employees of the district administration office can also Being there for the citizen in times of crisis.


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