KTM Fahrrad: mobile worldwide thanks to app

KTM bikes are sold all around the world. To achieve this, the sales team are constantly on the go.
Thanks to XPhone Connect, customers and colleagues can easily reach them anywhere.

Availability regardless of location was one of the key requirements when KTM Fahrrad GmbH was looking for a new PBX. The manufacturer opted for a combination of a Unify system and the unified communications software XPhone Connect.

"We were downright modest at first, thinking simple call forwarding would do the job," says IT Manager Helmut Sperl with a grin. But when the UC software was presented, Sperl and his team quickly saw the potential. One of the features that particularly piqued their curiosity was the Mobile App. "Our sales team is constantly on the move. Thanks to the app, even in Brazil, Finland or Taiwan, colleagues can now be reached on their office extensions." Furthermore, staff have access to all contact data in the app, while it is stored on the home server in compliance with data protection regulations.

"Our communication is now much more efficient and our employees can literally work from anywhere. Above all, we have made it even easier for our dealers to reach us.

With XPhone Connect we've made a big leap in every respect."

Helmut Sperl
IT Manager
KTM Fahrrad GmbH

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