"XPhone has convinced us throughout."

In order to keep Germany's largest airport running, everything has to work like clockwork.
For smooth communication Fraport AG relies on XPhone Connect.


Almost 70 million passengers and a cargo volume of over 2 million tons per year: Fraport AG faces a daunting logistical and organisational task every day at its home airport in Frankfurt. Smooth communication is crucial to mastering this challenge. 

For this purpose, the operator of Germany's largest airport relies on the unified communications solution XPhone Connect. The UC software has been in use at Fraport since 2017. "XPhone means an incredible gain in comfort for our employees," explains Stefan Weckbecker, Consultant for Telecommunications Products at Fraport AG. "The entire telephony can now be controlled via mouse click. The handling of hardware telephones play practically no role anymore with XPhone Connect."  

A win-win situation for all employees

XPhone Connect bundles all contacts – whether from the central Fraport directory or the personal Outlook folder – and makes them available via free text search. At the same time, all callers are displayed with their names on the first ring. Cumbersome enquiries and lengthy searches are a thing of the past. Whether computer telephony, call journal or chat: "With the wide range of functions, there is something for every employee that makes their daily work noticeably easier," says Weckbecker.

Example Team-Panel: The Team-Panel provides an overview of the availability of all relevant contacts. Each employee decides for himself what these are. Phone calls can be started or forwarded via the panel with a single click – an incredible time saving, especially for the assistant's office. 

Stefan Weckbecker
Fraport AG
Stefan Weckbecker
Fraport AG

Further functions such as screen sharing or AnyDevice are currently being tested in IT for future use: "With AnyDevice, for example, any telephone can be controlled with the Connect Client – an ideal tool for home office scenarios. I am sure that this feature would be very well received by my colleagues."

With the decision for XPhone however the features were not alone crucial: "XPhone Connect can be used independently of the PBX system and of the terminal devices. That gives us the necessary flexibility – above all regarding future investments", emphasises Weckbecker. 

Configuration clearly more simple than with other solutions

Also the simple administration and the good service were decisive: "The administration is extremely well thought out, the setup of new users can be practically completely automated. Other solutions require a significantly higher configuration effort: XPhone convinced us throughout!"

"Above all we know that we are taken seriously as customer with C4B and that one has always an open ear for our requests. We would like to continue this extraordinarily partnership co-operation as long as possible."


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