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Fecht und Partner: deep integration in DATEV

"I would always recommend XPhone as a UC solution for DATEV use including telephony."


The project

The increase in clients of the tax offices of Fecht & Partner and high level of data traffic demanded a modern communications solution. The new system had to be compatible with DATEV and appeal for its stability. 

The company also wanted direct identification of clients on incoming calls, secure telephone from the DATEV interface and easy logging of completed calls.

XPhone identifies independently on installation if DATEV software is installed, and automatically creates a connection to the customer database. This means that staff instantly had access to the DATEV master data.


"Thanks to the central administration, XPhone only has to be installed once on the server, and is then automatically available to every workstation. 

There is no need for SQL queries, no particular connection or server data need to be set up, and the software can be used immediately. The benefits of the solution were instantly evident to staff."

Volker Böhler, Geschäftsführer, Regio IT Concept
ICT services provider for Fecht & Partner

Products used

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • Siemens HiPath 3000

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