Ernst Feiler: Best service for international customers

"We were able to greatly improve our customer service with XPhone."


The project

As an international company, is it extremely important for Ernst Feiler GmbH to ensure that international customers always receive the best possible support.

Thanks to XPhone's caller number identification, foreign callers are greeted in English. The automatic call diversion ensures that the company has optimum availability and offers the perfect customer service. 

Callers are identified before the phone rings, and passed on to the appropriate sales team. Callers from abroad "ring" in the international sales department, callers from Germany in domestic sales. Special VIP customers are identified, and always passed straight on as appropriate.

This distinguishes Ernst Feiler from the competition and gives the company a significant competitive edge.

Ernst Feiler GmbH
"Thanks to the short implementation and intuitive user interface, we were able to use all the advantages of XPhone straight away."

Helmut Durst, IT Director Ernst Feiler GmbH

Products used

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • Siemens HiPath 3800 V9


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