DEG – Deutsche Elektrogruppe: Perfect data integration

"The C4B solution has improved our work to the maximum."


The project

DEG is using XPhone Unified Communications in conjunction with XPhone Virtual Directory at 15 locations, and has improved its communications processes with customers, partners and colleagues.

The key consideration for the purchase decision was the web-based CTI Client, which eliminates the requirement for local installation of clients.

The XPhone server currently supplies 260 clients with call data. Using the LDAP directory service XPhone Virtual Directory, all of the data sources in Lotus Notes, MS Access and SQL databases can be linked and made available to staff.

Stefan Ebert, Infrastruktursupport bei DEG

"The C4B solution has improved our work to the maximum. We now have two reliable call lists, CTI is possible and customer satisfaction has been increased since calls can now be returned reliably.

Staff have real-time access to all customer data and can act more quickly."

Stefan Ebert, infrastructure support at DEG

Products used

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • Siemens HiPath


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