Old sources and new work

At CARBO Kohlensäurewerke GmbH, every fourth call was lost. Order taking was no longer manageable.
Until the company switched to XPhone Connect hotline management.


"We have significantly increased our number of customers over the years," recalls Christian Dreeser, IT Manager at CARBO Kohlensäure GmbH. What was a complete success for the company turned out to be a sword of Damocles for the ordering system as it was at the time: "Every fourth call was lost. Taking orders by phone was no longer manageable with this organisational form."

Call centre solutions were evaluated but were too expensive, too big and not able to be integrated. CARBO opted for TeamDesk hotline management, part of the UC solution XPhone Connect. Only one client is needed for telephony, chat, screen sharing and hotline.

A particular advantage is that the hotlines work across locations. XPhone integrates the Telekom Cloud PBX and Unify system, allowing hotlines to be set up across all 14 locations.

CARBO also uses the Softphone in the XPhone Mobile App, to do away with DECT phones altogether. Today, employees on the plant premises make calls flexibly via WLAN or the mobile network.


"In terms of availability, TeamDesk was a real quantum leap for us. Now no call is ever lost.

The hotlines and internal communication also work 100% smoothly when staff are working from home."

Christian Dreeser
IT Manager
CARBO Kohlensäurewerke GmbH


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