AMS Fuhrparkmanagement: More customer service – better agreements

"Any company, regardless of its size, will benefit from XPhone."


AMS Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH offers services ranging from needs analysis to vehicle procurement to companies all over Germany. From Berlin, 20 members of staff support customers in every industry and of every size that include major names such as Thyssen Krupp. The marketing requires much in the way of consultation and efficient communications processes. 

When Siemens offered XPhone Unified Communications (UC) Software by software manufacturer C4B of Germering for the TK platform HiPath 3500, Jens-Uwe Fischer, technical director at AMS, instantly saw the potential.

The complete solution includes CTI, presence management and the unified messaging services fax, voicemail and SMS. Companies can combine the individual services in modules. In the case of AMS, the focus was on CTI and presence management.

XPhone displays completed calls and calls received in absence separately. The lists are updated automatically so staff can always see which calls still need to be dealt with. The main plus points include functions such as dialling and caller identification, and above all the easy conference management: audio conferences with up to five participants are the norm at AMS.

"Our sales staff often make long phone calls. Information can quickly be passed to them with instant messaging without interrupting them but with the safety of knowing that they see the message straight away.

Any company, regardless of its size, will benefit from XPhone. Yet the software is so easy to use that no training was required."

Jens-Uwe Fischer, technical director at AMS


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